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PImageeople who self publish (fund their own work), need all the assistance they can get. Through November, we are offering free post cards when publishing at least 50 books, and $5-10 off 500 color business cards. These cards can promote the book, the author, or any number of other things.

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Welcome one and all! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

We are an independent publisher, specializing in genealogy and history. In business since 1970, we have been online since the 1980’s, but this is our first blog. First known as Gregath Company and more recently as The Gregath Publishing Company, we incorporated in 2010. Locally, our print shop is known as Timbercreek Limited. Feel free to poke around, visit the websites listed, and comment. We look forward to growing and expanding our service and support for the next 30 years – and beyond!

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November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Genealogy Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Follow this link to a great article: It reminds that, though genealogy is a major hobby, there are both good and bad ways to get others involved in your interests.

November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Marketing Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Use a virtual book tour to assist in setting and keeping PR goals

A lot of authors that don’t live off their writing may let leave their own promotional needs unfulfilled. It’s easy to promise yourself to get that press release done by next week, but sometimes easier to choose to do something else instead. By setting up a virtual book tour, you are out little to no expense, but have set dates that you will generate material that can be used for other promotional work.

Virtual book tours are no great mystery – they are actual tours that you can conduct from anywhere that go anywhere. To set up a tour, find places online that have guests, or may be interested in “hosting” a guest that seem to have traffic that are people who would be interested in your book/subject(s). While it would be great if they are all buyers, someone who doesn’t buy, but shares with all their friends may net you more than a single original order! Also, if you discover places that would like to host you, but the dates will not match your tour, consider a stand alone virtual event.

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November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Production Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Just the Facts

While actual fact is not copyrightable, everything in a book that supports facts are. Because of this, if a new book of genealogy is produced, it is able to state that Uncle Harry was born on his birthday, whether that fact was previously published in  copyrighted work or not. As long as the author has done their own research and arrive at the same fact, it may be used.

What it does not cover is wholesale reuse of facts as previously published. Standard examples of copyright abuse involving facts can include (but not limited to):

  • Adding photocopies of someone else’s data forms.
  • Transcribing facts from a book without permission or research.

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November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Design Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Beyond the printed book

Online publishing services can be to a website that space is provided free of charge, and not further cost is involved – other than initial set up. Services can also be applied to blog or social networking mediums, as well as dedicated eBook services such as Smashwords. For an “for profit” author, or individual book, it is always suggested a unique domain be purchased for continual (reoccurring fees) use, in addition to blog and social networking. Gregath is happy to provide support and tutoring if one wishes to learn how to do further updates and changes independently.

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November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Define Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Bleed: A printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet of paper or cover.

*Blueline: For Gregath use, see ARCBelow is a definition from “The What Shall I Write Handbook”, Corrine Russell, 1992, that is a good addition to our ARC entry:

“Bluelines are page proofs. They represent your last chance to review copy looking for errors.  Depending on the printing process your printer uses, bluelines may be expensive to produce, and many printers will not provide them unless you request them.  If printers do provide them, they may be expensive, so ask first.  Bluelines may be a good idea if you have a lot of photographs, for bluelines present your only opportunity to see photographs in place.  Check them carefully.  Make sure they are in the correct position, and that they are not upside down or turned backward.  Because bluelines are so expensive to produce, now is the time to start editing and proofreading. Unless they are printer’s errors, changes made at this point cost you dearly.”

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at and

More personal use indexes available free at GCI Monday, Oct 28 2013 

indexBatchelorSupGregath has added several more full index to our free index offerings. These are PDF in format and searchable. The goal of these free, personal use, indexes is to allow a reader to see if particular names are covered in books that are in print (various editions). These are found, by title, on our website. Feel free to link to these. Please do not save, print, or reproduce these in any way.

Books by Charles F. Harris together in one place with new information Tuesday, Oct 22 2013 

New author page for Charles F. Harris, so you can shop all his books in one place. Not also, this page contains access to book indexes and other information previously not available at GCI online.

October, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Computer Aid Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 

Consider getting more social networking for the same effort: Did you know some online services interconnect? For instance, you can set a Twitter account to automatically post on your Facebook wall. Many blogs will also post to Facebook or Twitter.

October, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Marketing: Mail merge with dashes (-) Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 

Plus-4 Zipcode and other dashes

Sometimes basic mail merge has problems with cells that contain a dash (-) such as a plus-4 zipcode (74370-0505) – it refuses to print anything for that area, or switches to gobbledygook. Simple solution for zips – make a base cell for your code and a +4 cell for the additional numbers and when setting up mail merge don’t forget to place a dash between the tags. For small lists and rural areas, some just use the base zip, but that sometimes slows delivery.

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October, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Design and Production Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 

If the original work, for reprint, needs updating and it is preferred that new material be included within the original work, the copyright release being sought should indicate updating is expected or acceptable. Once the groundwork has been laid, decisions as to whether to insert new pages, leaving original pages untouched (except perhaps for renumbering), or updating an electronic copy should be made. Even if open ended, unlimited  copyright release is given, it is never recommended original material be altered – much like cropping a photo for publication should not involve scissors on the original photo or negative. Technology has advanced sufficiently that original material never need be destroyed.

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