Limited Time $$ saving offers – one ends and another already posted Monday, Feb 14 2011 

Don’t foget you have until tomorrow’s postmark to take advantage of our 2011 Cupid sale.

Our Fourth fo July Sale is already available – visit the page for the Cupid link.

Ditto Book Pre-Publication Offer Sunday, Feb 13 2011 

Gregath Company, Inc. is pleased send you this special pre-publication sale for the 2011 reprint of the following book: 

History of the Ditto Families, 1700-2000, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2011. 688 pages, 6×9″, hardbound book, ISBN 978-1-936091-07-2. R3808-$815.00

Orders postmarked by March 15, 2011 only . Retail $85.00  

Book also available on CD for $80.00 – no pre-publication pricing on CD format.

The manuscript has just gone to press and we do not have a delivery date set at this time. However, retail on the reprint is only $1.00 more as the earlier edition, and the pre-publication sale even less.

All orders are subject to standard shipping and handling: $11.00 for first title/item and $2.00 each additional. Orders of “G” or “R” books sent Priority USPS unless otherwise noted or requested. Local pick ups are always free of s&h, by arrangement.

We do accept purchase orders from libraries.  Libraries may request media mail/lower shipping. All book orders, except library purchase orders, must be pre-paid.


Gregath E-Zine February Genealogy Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

It takes a village – and an open mind. If you are “hard core”, it may be a bit difficult to watch genealogy shows who’s focus are the general public, such as NBC’s “Who do you think you are?”. However, Ancestry isn’t the only person who should recognize the value of getting more people interested in genealogy. If misrepresentations or lost opportunities jump out at you, gather your genealogy friends and play a round of “what could they have done differently”.

Gregath E-Zine February Marketing Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

Ask all your readers to review. These can be used on your website, in press releases, or if your book listed with Amazon, Barns & Noble, or another book store that allows online reviews, posted directly.

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Gregath E-Zine February Production Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

Hardcover: Color side sewn (generally under 250 pages)

This full color process is a cost effective hard binding alternative to the dust jacket and tailored to your book. Note, however, full color hard covers do not include flap or end sheet imprint/printing in standard pricing.  Special end sheets can be ordered, but the most economical is white blank end sheets.  All books are guaranteed for quality of workmanship and materials.

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Gregath E-Zine February Design Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

When considering a title, the following considerations may also influence your choice:

  • Cover design – on spine (consider space for library labels) and front, how does it fit in the space available and how does it look with the chosen fonts and sizes. If the title is long, or you wish to use a large type, where is the best place to line break for an effect that is pleasing to the eye. If a long title is desired, does the entire title go on the front and spine, or just the “meat” of it?
  • Title page – don’t over clutter when using desired elements. Many of the same considerations for the cover should be looked at.
  • Advertising: Does the title help or hurt the design of promotional pieces, fit into subject lines (email, filing, reference, etc.), forms (print and electronic, book listing and cataloguing (sales and library catalogs, bibliographic references, etc.)?

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Gregath E-Zine February Define Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

 Head: The top, specifically the edge, of the book.

Headband/Footband (also header/footer in binding): A strip of embroidered cloth at the end (top/bottom) of the spine, extending beyond the book block. Optional ALA element included in Gregath deluxe binding.

New Book Listings from January Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

To view our new January 2011 history & genealogy catalog listings visit catalog additions: Includes research tools, general history, children, and scrapbook resources.