January 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Define Thursday, Dec 29 2011 

What’s It Mean? – Writer’s Lingo

Desktop publishing: The use of a personal computer to bring together text and other elements (photos, graphics, etc.) into a camera-ready manuscript without using other resources (typesetter, paste-up, etc.

*Desktop publishing (2): The use of a personal computer to produce multiple copies of a manuscript to be bound in some method as books.

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) are not generally used in our office.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at http://www.gregathcompany.com/gloss.html and


January 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Design Thursday, Dec 29 2011 

A Gregath Company, Inc. ISBN can be used for any publication through Gregath for the author/copyright holder. The flat fee* for this add-on publishing service is $20.00. In addition to this flat usage/filing fee, the book must contain the elements the ISBN agency requires. This may also add further costs to publishing, depending on the project. To utilize this flat fee service, the client understands:

  • Have a correctly completed ISBN Advertising Release on file, at Gregath, before published book delivery.

  • Assigned ISBN to be printed inside the book, near the Copyright information.

  • Assigned ISBN to be added to the bottom of the back cover for hard copy books.

The most frequently noted limitation with Gregath ISBN is the ISBN/book is listed out of print if it is published elsewhere, as a Gregath ISBN can not be used with another printer or publisher (author owned ISBN may be printed anywhere, as long as the design and format are consistent).

*This fee is waived with Smashwords electronic editions and traditional publishing of at least 100 books (upon request).

January 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Produce Thursday, Dec 29 2011 

When considering a page number strategy, the following considerations may also influence your choice:

  • Traditionally plates (fine art, etc.) are un-numbered inserts printed on one side only and have their own table of contents. Furthermore, tradition allows these to be a heavier or different quality paper – causing issues in the long term quality of the book binding.

This section is drawn from

January 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Marketing Advice Thursday, Dec 29 2011 

Collaboration may need file exchanges. Online is the fastest, but email attachments can be a problem. Some online file exchange services include:

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January 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Computer Aid Thursday, Dec 29 2011 

See marketing advice this issue…

Holiday Hours 2011 Monday, Dec 26 2011 

Our front office staff will be getting their Christmas break this week. Visits are by appointment only. Staff will be in and out all week. Correspondence shouldn’t be slowed by more than a day. We return to regularly scheduled office hours Monday, January 2, 2012.

Have a great New Year!

New catalog formats available online Monday, Dec 19 2011 

Smashwords edition formats of the basic Gregath catalog are now available for download and viewing free of charge!


Publisher now tweeting Thursday, Dec 15 2011 

Carrie Ann Cook, publisher at Gregath Company, Incorporated now is on twitter!


Pre-Publication Sales Pricing on Lincks Reprint Thursday, Dec 8 2011 

Today a new reprint is announced:
Lincks’ Trunk and Branches, 1795-1985 Second Edition, by George Lincks, 2012 Reprint. 196 pages, 8.5×11″, softbound book, indexed, contains photo section, ISBN 978-1-936091-19-5. R3812-$35.00 – Retail
Order before January 1, 2012 for only $25.00 each – includes USPS Priority S&H ($11.00 Value)
Don’t forget about our Pre-Christmas Sale either – http://www.gregathcompany.com/catalog/sale.html
Brief Ordering Information:

By PayPal: Send us a request of what you wish to order and what email address to use. We will send you a direct billing via email/PayPal.

By Mail: Send full payment with order to Gregath Company, Inc., Box 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370. If wishing to order with funds not originating in the United States, an additional handling fee will be accessed. Please contact us for details. 

New November Catalog Book Listings Thursday, Dec 8 2011 

We are also pleased to send you this wrap up of the new November catalog listing at Gregath. To see everything lately, visit http://www.gregathcompany.com/catalog/catadd.html or email us with further questions. 
Lewis County, Missouri: 3258 Deaths Reported in and Chronological Index to Selected Articles from Miscellaneous LaGrange Papers, Volume 3, by Kenneth E. Weant, 2011. 198 pages, 8.5×11″, softbound book. AD2440-$28.00

Civil War Records: Missouri Volunteer Infantry – Volume 3, by Kenneth E. Weant, 2011. 238 pages,8.5×11″, softbound book. 11334 names. Includes 11th, 12th, 13th, 25h, 14th, 15th, and 18th Three Year Volunteer Regiments. AD2441-$28.00

ST. CLAIR County, Marriages 1818-1899, by Rubye Hall Edge Sisson, 2011 E-edition. 8½x11″, CD, PDF – searchable with newer acrobat versions, 284 pages, indexed. Originally published in 1990, this 1997 reprinting brings back this work to print. This nearly 300 page book includes a full name index. Includes full name listings for both Bride and Groom. Date and other notations such as parents, connector, buried, funeral, death, age, etc. accompany them. ER863-$20.00

Remember all prices are plus S&H!

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