Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Computer Aid Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

New to building web pages and email stationary? Be careful with using symbols. If the person on the other end doesn’t have the font your symbol is in, it will substitute characters and may make your page look strange. While symbols are faster to load than graphics, perhaps a diamond, scroll, etc. would be a good design idea.


Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Genealogy Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

Doing genealogy research in Washington State? Check out http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov for records on births, marriages, deaths and lots more.

From – Becky Menzel
Genealogy Librarian
Spokane Public Library
906 W. Main Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 444-5361

Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Marketing Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

Sign up at Amazon’s Author Central. Even if not selling books directly through Amazon, you can add information about you and possibly about your books that others are selling.
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Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Production Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

General Advantages of Ebooks
Manuscript may be produced that is much more interactive with the reader than traditionally printed books.
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Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Design Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

Top reasons to publish electronically by disk:
Accessible without internet connection.
More easily definable and traceable sold “copy” then pure electronic file.
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Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Define Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

Book Corners: see Corners.
Brightness: The brilliance or light-reflection characteristic of paper (not necessarily related to its color or whiteness).
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