October 2010 Events Update Monday, Mar 22 2010 

Our 2010 October events are coming together, visit their home pages for more information:Benefit Dinner With the Authors – Friday Evening

Oklahoma Books & Authors Showcase – all day Saturday

Genealogy Seminar featuring William Welge – Saturday

We’ve also arranged for special hotel rates, including several days around these events. Come for the events and enjoy the State Fair as well!


March E-Zine V9#3: Marketing Tuesday, Mar 9 2010 

Do include contact information in books (post office boxes, pre-paid cell phones, and “disposable” email addresses are just a few ways to keep in touch and protect privacy).
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March E-Zine V9#3: Production Tuesday, Mar 9 2010 

Choices that have an impact on manufacturing are made all throughout the writing process. A prime example is the selection of margins. If you decide to use something too small – the software will do it – you could be encouraging everything from broken spines (no matter how good a quality the production was) to book information being cut off (either by being larger than the machines can print, or by the minimum page trim all bound books get).
This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/publish/design/margins.html

March E-Zine V9#3: Design Tuesday, Mar 9 2010 

Qustion: The space I have for information in my manuscript is OK, it just is too narrow for the information layout I want to use – what next?

Answer: Consider changing the text alignment from portrait to landscape for the wide information in question. There are many ways to do this, but if you have the information already typed, the quickest may be placing it into a “table”. In MS Word (may vary according to version): Highlight material from “table” pull down menu, hover over “insert”, slide right and click “table” change text alignment: In each box, right click – from shortcut menu click “text direction”, click preferred “orientation”, click OK and repeat as necessary If you don’t like the table showing, highlight it, click “format” pull down menu, then click “borders & shading”, click “none” then OK. Any resulting gray lines are only on your computer screen – they will not print out. If this is needed throughout the book, change the book from portrait to landscape through File-Page Setup. –

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March E-Zine V9#3: Define Tuesday, Mar 9 2010 

Soft binding spotlight #4

Perfect Binding/Bound: Soft type binding Type that secures pages and cover together with glue at the spine (square backed). Stereotype paperback – think telephone directory or paperback novel.  Click here for information web page.

Notch/Notching: Parallel grooves cut into the spine perpendicular to the binding edge. The depth and the distance between the grooves can be adjusted to suit the size and weight of the text block. Notching (vs. not notching) increases the amount of surface area on the spine that comes in contact with the adhesive and increases the strength of some type bindings.

Fastback Binding: Soft type binding. Similar to perfect binding method – cover consists of separate front and back covers with a reinforced cloth spine. Click here for more information.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at http://www.gregathcompany.com/gloss.html and

Run across a word that you don’t understand?  Try us – email us your word, term or phrase and we will see if we can shed some light on the matter!

October Genealogy Event Update Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 

We are busy still getting all the information ready for the public. However, we are excited to offer this preview of coming attractions:

October  8 & 9, 2010
Embassy Suites Hotel
I-44 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Saturday Evening, October 8 – TBA
Dinner with Oklahoma Authors – to benefit Friends of the Oklahoma Historical Society Archives, Inc.

Saturday, October 9 – All Day
Oklahoma Books and Authors – Embassy Ballroom

Saturday, October 9 – All Day
Genealogical Seminar: Resources in the Research Division of OHC
Mr. William D. Welge, Director

Research Division Oklahoma History Center

More to be announced.
Let us know you want to be put on the announcement list.

February New Book Listing Round Up Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

The Gregath Publishing Company is pleased send you this review of new genealogy/history listings from January below. Visit www.gregathcompany.com/catalog/catadd.html for general history, children, and scrapbook resources.

Family Maps of Asotin County, Washington Deluxe Edition, by Gregory A. Boyd. 8.5×11″, softbound book. 292 pages, with 89 total maps. There are 3 maps for each of the 28 Congressional townships that make up Asotin County. Each Township has a Patent Map, Patent Index, Road Map, and a Map we call an Historical Map, which includes Waterways, Watercourses & Railroads. The Road and Historical Maps also include the City-centers and cemeteries that can be found at NationalAtlas.gov. There is also a Surname/Patent Index and a Surname/Township Index to help you dive into the right area of the County. Included Appendices identify multi-Patentee buying groups and also list the numerous Aliquot (section) parts you might find ADD2039-$39.00

Who’s Your Daddy – A Guide to Genealogy from Start to Finish, by Carolyn B. Leonard. 8.5×11″, softbound book, 240 pages, indexed, 50+ illustrations, 30+ true story examples. Chapters include: Getting started and having fun, writing your own memoir, obtaining DNA-based records, deciding how much genealogical research is enough, organizing your findings, seeing your ancestors as characters in a saga, interviewing an older relative, and showing how online records can be effectively used by genealogists. The book reflects new and updated websites, improved strategies for locating records, the latest software programs for recording your findings, and publishing your memoir. AD2117-$17.95

Photographic Views of Sherman’s March, by George N. Barnard. Haunting images of battlefields and ruined mansions reflect one of the Civil War’s most devastating military campaigns. A complete document by the only photographer known to have accompanied Union General William Tecumseh Sherman on his march to the sea, it features 68 historic photographs. Originally published in a now-rare collector’s photo portfolio in 1866, the Dover edition features a Preface by the prominent photographic historian Beaumont Newhall. Reprint of the Wynkoop and Hallenbeck, New York, 1866 edition.  ADD2036-$13.00

Alabama Early Settlers 1816 – Heads of family, Alabama Counties/Mississippi Territory, by Gregath Company, Inc., 2010 digitized version, CD – PDF, searchable, 8½x11″, 58 pages. Includes present day Baldwin, Clarke, Madison, Mobile, Monroe, and Washington. EG655-$12.00

German Colonization: CULLMAN County, Alabama, Volume 1, by Kaye Marie Couch Leigeber, 1982, 2010 digitized version, CD – PDF, searchable, 11×8½”, 44 pages, includes documents and original reprints. EG722-$10.00

Civil War Records Missouri Confederate Infantry – Volume 4, by Kenneth E. Weant, 2010. 8½x11″, softbound book, 238 pages, 11,896 names, includes 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, and 32nd Regiments. People in this volume enlisted with Adair, Buchanan, DeKalb, Gentry, Greene, Grundy, Polk, Osage, St. Charles, Schuyler, Scotland, Worth and Washington Counties. AD2116-$28.00

CULLMAN County, Alabama 1900 Census Index, by Gregath Company, Inc., 2010 digitized version, CD – PDF, searchable, 8½x11″, 20 pages. EG721-$10.00

Vernon County, Missouri, Volume 1, by Kenneth E. Weant, 2010. 242 pages, 8.5×11″, softbound book. Includes 4049 Reported Deaths, Chronological Index to selected articles from Nevada Daily Mail & Noticer (includes 1608 Marriages), spanning July 10, 1883 to February 8, 1894. The Nevada Daily Mail & Noticer was printed in Nevada, Missouri and reported on the major events in Vernon and nearby counties. Many former residents or relatives of local citizens from other counties and states were returned, upon death for burial in family or city burial plots. This volume was produced from 4 reels of microfilm and also indexed to fill in the missing years of 1886 and 1894 (with some dates overlapping). AD2115-$28.00

1880 CULLMAN, Alabama Census, by Ann Cochrane Gregath, 1977, revised edition, 1980, 2010 digitized version, CD – PDF, searchable, 8½x11″, 76 pages, Commemorative of Cullman Counties first 100 years. EG720-$12.00

1900 BLOUNT County, AL Census Index, by Gregath Company, Inc., 2010 digitized version, CD – PDF, searchable. 8½x11″, 20 pages. EG675-$12.00

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