Pre-Christmas 2011 Sale Friday, Jul 22 2011 

2011 Pre-Christmas Graphic

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Save 10% off ($1.00 minimum savings) books listed below – all in stock when sale began. Just in time for Christmas gift giving, these sales items can be combined with gift services (except for shipping).  Get them while you can, when they are gone – they are gone.

Watch for updated listing at as more titles will be added there before Christmas!

AD671-$19.00 Genealogy 101 by Barbara Renick. 7¼x9¼”, Softbound book, 242 pages, indexed.

G649-$85.00 The 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment Confederate States of America A Narrative History of the Civil War Regiment from West Central Alabama, by Colonel William R. Morales, USAF (ret.), 2011, Reprint 2009. 8½x11″, hardbound book, 642 pages, includes photos, documents, maps, and bibliography, ISBN 978-1-936091-11-9

G634-$400.00 Full Softbound set 1907 Census of ALABAMA Confederate Soldiers by Gregath Company, Inc.

AD928-$7.00 Basic Bookbinding, by A. W. Lewis, 1952.  Approx. 5½x8″, softbound book, 154 pages, 261 illustrations, appendix, indexed.

G525-$5.00 LAND OWNERSHIP – Chronology of Ownership of Land in America, by Gregath Company. 5½x8½”, softbound book, 20 pages, Calendar of American Wars and Campaigns.

AD051-$24.00 Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes: Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal by Rachal Mills Lennon, CGRS, hardbound book.

R101SB-$41.00Death Notices for Jefferson County, Kentucky, And other areas, Volume One, Compiled by SSG Alan D. Murray, 2005.  8½x11″, comb/softbound book (soft binding may vary).

R556SB-$40.00 Murray’s City Directory of Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky For the Year 1820, Compiled by SSG Alan D. Murray, 2007. ISBN 978-0-944619-81-0, comb/softbound book (soft binding may vary).

Mexican War Index to Pension Files 1886-1926, by Navena Hembree Troxel & Susan Merrill Warner all 8½x11″, comb/softbound books.

  • G5001-$20.00-Volume 1 to Bandy, Richard R., 104 pages

  • G5002-$20.00-Volume 2 – Bandy, William J. Bryant, John R., 116 pages

  • G5003-$20.00-Volume 3 – Bryant, John Cooke, Bolivar H., 108 pages

  • G5004-$20.00-Volume 4Cooke, Charles P. Dyson, George Washington, 114 pages

  • G5005-$20.00-Volume 5 – Eacret, William H. Girrard, James S., 108 pages

  • G5006-$20.00-Volume 6 – Girten, Peter – Hoagland, Lucas, 114 pages

  • G5007-$20.00Volume 7 – Hoahe, Chris – Klein, John, 116 pages

  • G5008-$20.00-Volume 8 – Klein, John Jacob – McNaughton, James, 108 pages

  • G5009-$20.00Volume 9 – McNaughton, Lawrence – Nichols, James R., 112 pages

  • G5010-$20.00Volume 10 Nichols, James T. -Rhea, Charles, 112 pages

  • G5011-$20.00-Volume 11Rhea, Horace P. -Smith, James T., 118 pages

  • G5012-$20.00-Volume 12Smith, J. – Vickers, Henry, 118 pages

  • G5013-$20.00-Volume 13 – Vickers, Henry – Zwick, William, 112 pages

G542-$25.00 PERSONAL Estate Planner, from Gregath Company, updated and reset 2000. 60 Pages, this attractive 3 ring note book is has a gold foil embossed front cover.

AD672-$19.00 A Family Affair (Reunion) by Sandra Maclean Clunies (CG), 7¼x9¼”, softbound book, 228 pages, indexed, includes glossary – Book Three in the National Genealogical Society Guides Series.

G888-$10.00 Money For Nothing Making Money With Volunteers, by Carrie Ann Cook, 2007. 5.5×8.5″, 68 pages, softbound book, ISBN 978-0-944619-76-6.

R3809-$220.00History of the Woolfolk Family Their English Origins and Early Generations in America Volumes I & II, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2011. 6×9″, 2 volume hardbound book set (V1-826 pages, V2-678 pages), Volume 1 ISBN 978-1-936091-08-9. Volumes not sold separately.

G550-$20.00 WRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit, Complete Edition, by Gregath Company, Inc., updated 2011. ISBN: 978-0-944619-00-1, 8½x11″, softbound book, 126 pages, suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user.


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Orders must be postmarked by December 24, 2011
Prices may be limited to items in stock.
Copy of Frosty Graphic or blog entry
must be sent with order.



July E-Magazine V10#7: Other Topics Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 

Not covered with new items in July, 2011

July E-Magazine V10#7: Marketing Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 

Don’t rule out the “expense” of “spending” time networking and building contacts the old fashioned way and through social media.

July E-Magazine V10#7: Design Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 

Use “symbol” to accent page numbers – one on each side of the number, top/bottom, and more!

July E-Magazine V10#7: Define Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 

Writer’s Lingo
ARC (Advanced Reading Copy): A sample publication produced with author/customer submitted material. Many times this is in an alternate binding (or unbound with small publications) than the main publishing. The reproduction process is usually not the same as the main printing (100+) and therefore differences in quality, text block placement, etc. may occur between the ARC and the published book. For POD, however, this gives the customer the chance to see the quality of photograph the supplied material will produce. Since Gregath works mainly from submitted camera ready copy, an ARC is generally not necessary. Our quality guarantee covers any printer error (such as upside down photos) that may occasionally occur.
Art(work): Non-text material (in our shop, this excludes photographs) – may include such things as decorative lettering (not font related), drawings, ornamentation, tables, charts, sketches, maps, reproductions of documents, decorative borders, etc.