November & December 2016 E-Zine Tuesday, Dec 13 2016 

This busy season we are announcing both issues can be found on our website or in a Facebook note. We realize this may not “deliver it to your door” like placing the text in three different places online, but think it might be worth the little extra effort for blog readers.


September 2015 Ezine – Book Design Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

Tips to promote QR code scans

  • Provide a call to action near the code.
  • Be mysterious, but useful: consider “teasing” code content, but not fully describing.
  • Go beyond the basics, consider using your color scheme/logo/font/theme in the design of the code. If you are basic, use design options (color/shape/photo) to draw the eye to the code.
  • Test to be sure your completed size works – don’t get too small or overly large.
  • Remember content will be viewed on mobile device. Example of making desirable content work in this format might be: Instead of bringing up a full size map, email the link to the full size map, so the user can view on larger computer monitor. Likewise, remember generally slower connection speeds when deciding how much compression or segmentation of material to incorporate.

This section is drawn from

June 2007, V6#6: Computer Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

Don’t be bullied into Windows Vista. Every new version of a program (or operating system) means change. Unfortunately, you will have to make a plan to eventually use the new system, but it doesn’t have to be today. On your “to do” list, research Vista online, check out a library book, schedule a “study date” with a friend who already has it (offer to bring the snacks), attend lectures or even an evening Vo-Tech class on the subject. Even if you need a new computer, you may be able to put it off until you’ve had a chance to make friends with the new Windows.

August 2006, V5#8: Computer Saturday, Dec 27 2008 

Does it seem like every document or web page you open has smaller text then the last? If your mouse of choice has a wheel (“wheel mouse”), you may be in luck. In at least Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, this trick works like a dream (most of the time): When you want to see the text larger on a page or document you are viewing, be sure your mouse pointer is somewhere on the “page” in question, hold down your control key and move your wheel away from you (while holding the mouse still). This should zoom the text in direct relation to how far you move the wheel. The reverse is true if moving the wheel toward you. Try this in your favorite program – it might work there too!