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*Author alterations (Marked “AA” in margins): Changes marked in proofed copy that the author will want completed/fixed.  If undertaken after the work is at the printer, or at a paid typist/preparer, these would carry additional charge.

Back Matter: Material in the back of a book, after the main text – after word, list of contributors, notes, glossary, reference, bibliography, index, additional material (addenda/appendix), etc.

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) are not generally used in our office.

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/////////////////////////////// Design Inspiration – not in this issue ///////////////////////////////

/////////////////////////////// Book Manufacturing Concepts – not in this issue ///////////////////////////////

/////////////////////////////// Marketing advice ///////////////////////////////

Don’t pick just one thing to promote/market your book with: Omni-channel marketing has proven the best way to get your information to more people. From mailing to social media, etc. the more ways you promote your book, the more ways your potential readers will learn about you.

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/////////////////////////////// Computer aid!?! ///////////////////////////////

You’ve invested in anti-virus software – great! Don’t forget to update it as well as preforming disk mantenence occasionally (defrag, etc.).