Holiday Postal Shipping Information Tuesday, Nov 20 2012 

Friendly reminder, from USPS supplied information, on those Christmas shipping dates: Once you’ve made your purchase and had it wrapped and packaged for shipping (or allowed your retailer time to process the order), the dates below are the last dates suggested to ship for Christmas delivery –

Sending somewhere in the United States? Get it in the mail by December 22 if you are sending Express (overnight) mail, or December 21 for Priority.

Sending outside the US? Deadlines begin December 3 for Priority, go through December 11 for Express, and finalize December 17 for Global Express Guaranteed.

Don’t forget to buy some forever stamps in 2012 – they will be worth an extra penny in by February, 2013. Christmas forever stamps from this year will still be good for future holidays!


Publisher to speak to OCGS Monday 11-19-12 Sunday, Nov 18 2012 

The Ottawa County Genealogical Society will hold their regular monthly
meeting, Monday, November 19, 2012, in the Community Room of the First
National Bank, 1750 N. Main Street in Miami.  A special help session, with
refreshments, will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the program to follow at 7:00

Carrie Ann Cook, Fairland, Oklahoma, will present the program entitled “How
Hollywood has impacted American Indian Research”. Using popular culture as
a reference point, the program will view several facts as well as
typecasting and handling family tradition. Discussion on how it should be
utilized or discarded in a successful research plan will follow. Even if a
researcher has no American Indian ancestors, basic understanding of
different culture(s) may yield unexpected benefits in any family genealogy.

This month?s program is presented by a published author, illustrator and
free-lance photographer. Cook, a national genealogy speaker since 2006, has
taught genealogy, writing and computer classes at Northeast Technology
Center, Afton, Oklahoma. She has also served the Miami Public Library as
Genealogy and Local History Specialist.  A life long learner, she enjoys
new insights offered while attending educational opportunities such as
Historical Preservation Conferences, NIGR, and recently, various lectures
at the Federation of Genealogy Societies National Conference in Birmingham,
Alabama in 2012.

Hostess for the evening will be Luretta Armagost Williams, Narcissia,
Oklahoma.  As always, the public is invited to attend.

Catalog Cool Winter Savings – through 1-15-13 Friday, Nov 2 2012 

Just request the following for special pricing

BONUS savings: Save 5% off any G listing book in stock with purchase of another item (any price). Combine with free shipping through November.

– OR –
New Year’s Wholesale: Even if you don’t normally qualify for wholesale discounts, any one item on this list is yours at 40% off of retail – if you choose to pay standard S&H. No further purchase required.

New Publishing Package Offering through the end of 2012 Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Graphic Arts/Cover Design

Free first hour ($25 value), with second through fifth hours billed at only $10.00 each (half price). This graphic artist/design work can be used on the book element(s) of your choice. This is a total value of up to $65.00!

This includes the initial work and all time involved in digital consultation/proofing hours and placement in manuscript (if needed).

Cover Design: Many genealogy and history book covers can be fairly plan. Because of this, the cover design process can be completed within just a few hours. Design can be generic cover flats that can be used in any final files, or tailored to your specific binding needs.

Photo touch up/light restoration: Have dark, light or dusty photos, ones with folds in the sky, etc.? Maximize your savings by providing individual digital files at 600 dpi.

Just a little something extra: Special icons, custom bullet points, marked maps, tinted photos, color changes, etc. Sometimes a little thing can make a big difference in a book.

To qualify for this special offer, please do the following:

  • Specifically request this offer with your manuscript/deposit mailing.
  • Send your manuscript and deposit to arrive at the publisher by 1-1-2013. Excludes any manuscripts already in house or mailed by October 31, 2012.
  • Include a copy of this blog post.

November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Genealogy (Oklahoma Resource) Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Oklahoma resource and request: Oklahoma History Center Research Library has an online listing of yearbooks and directories they have –
They request if you have any Oklahoma yearbooks or directories not listed in their holdings, please consider donating them (tax deductible). For more information call 405/522-5225.

November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Marketing Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

If not already active in the online community concerning your subject matter – become active: Post to blogs, social network, supply reviews, offer opinions and reference or link lists, and other activities to ‘become known’. Never make your activity feel like it is only being completed so you can have “free” advertising, but never forget to include your book title, a link, etc. so interested people can follow a breadcrumb trail.

Visit for more

November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Production Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Publishing electronically also opens up a new world of possibilities! No longer do you have to produce a single manuscript and call it done. Is there a format that supports video great, another that does links better and a third you love, but only supports formatting like bold, italics, and underline? Gregath can tackle the job of producing manuscripts tailored to each electronic format for you, or provide support to allow you to confidently to it yourself.

This section is drawn from

November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Design Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Many flat storage solutions can be bound directly into a hardbound book spine. To allow to items to be placed within, extra material is added to the spine. General ideas include envelope or sleeve of varying material, photo or document display page or CD/DVD keeper page. Budgetary restrictions commonly place these grouped together at the beginning or end of a book next to the end pages. However, they may be placed at intervals or wherever they are required – except between odd and the next consecutive even page (front to back on one sheet of paper).

This section is drawn from

November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Define Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Perfect (*adhesive, *notch) Binding/Bound: Soft type binding type that secures pages and cover together with glue at the spine (square backed). Stereotype paperback – think telephone directory or paperback novel.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at and

October 2012 E-Zine (V11#10): Genealogy Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

The internet can be a great tool. Keep an eye out for free trials of premium services that you don’t regularly subscribe to.

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