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Patriotic Catalog Sale Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

Current catalog sale includes a $2.00 per book savings on a War of 1812 and select Alabama titles. Special shipping and handling ranges from $5 flat rate for Ebooks to totally FREE. All orders must be completed or postmarked before July 9th. Visit the full sale page online for details.

Flowering May Catalog Sale Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 

daisyFlowering May Catalog Sale

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New Catalog Offerings on Oler, Lauer, Huhn and allied families Wednesday, Jan 9 2013 

We are happy to announce that we now carry three books from Nancy Lee Waters:

Family Diversity, The Oler Family of Maryland with Allied Families Colley, Kennedy, Mason and Smith, by Nancy Lee Waters. 468 pages, hardbound book, indexed, bibliography and end notes, photos, includes 640 surnames. The ancestry of Charles Edward Oler back to his great, great grandfather, Philip Oler as well as the history of his great grandmother, Charlotta Colley and her Welsh heritage. The Kennedy’s are documented from his grandmother, Catherine Kennedy. back to Ireland. His mother’s Smith and Mason families are also included.  AD2477-$49.99 | Click here for a PDF file containing searchable partial name extract

Family Diversity, The Lauer, Borgmeiere, Bauer Families and the MacCubbin’s, by Nancy Lee Waters. 428 pages, hardbound book, indexed, photos, includes over 600 surnames. The ancestry of William Edward Lauer back to his 5th great grandfather, Nicolaus Lauer, born about 1665 in Stürzenhard, Germany. Nicolaus was the great grandfather of Simon Lauer, who immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1852. The Borgmeier, Bauer, and Würz families are also documented back to their German homeland. The MacCubbin family is followed from the immigrant, John MacCubbin, through his son, William, to Mary Susanna MacCubbin Lauer. AD2476-$49.99 | Click here for a PDF file containing searchable partial name extract, reviews and more

Family Diversity, The Huhn, Pestorf, and Steck Families, by Nancy Lee Waters. 8.5×11″, 182 pages, hardbound book, indexed, bibliography and end notes, 39 photos, includes over 200 surnames. documents the emigration of the Huhn family from Asbach, Germany, the Pestorf family from Germany, and the Steck family from Neckargerach, Germany. These families settled in Baltimore, Maryland where many of their descendants still live today. AD2478-$19.99 | Click here for a PDF file containing searchable partial name extract

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All orders this month are plus S&H of $11.00 for the first item and $2 each additional sent to single domestic address. In February, initial item fee will raise to $12.00.

New catalog formats available online Monday, Dec 19 2011 

Smashwords edition formats of the basic Gregath catalog are now available for download and viewing free of charge!

Thanksgiving & Migration Sale Announced Monday, Jul 6 2009 

New Catalog Sale. Each sale offers shipping specials.

Catalog Updates Monday, Mar 9 2009 

Catalog upgrades include shopping cart links for most scrapbook and coloring books. Some titles increased in price, including assorted coloring books, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee books. Easter Egg Sale: As the shopping cart links get updated, you can still find the old prices on some titles. If you find an old price through online ordering, enjoy it with our complements.

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