August 2015 Magazine – Genealogy Monday, Aug 17 2015 

Over 16 million Virginia Vital Records are now accessible online through Ancestry – though some are still “closed” due to privacy. When no access to Ancestry is available, visit  for an index of what is available.

August 2015 Magazine – Market Monday, Aug 17 2015 

QR codes can be used in a variety of marketing ways to expand on your marketing dollar, ease the book ordering process for customer, preview book content, provide materials not possible “in print” with your budget, etc.

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August 2015 Magazine – Production Monday, Aug 17 2015 

Quick Response (QR) codes have been in use for quite some time, but this doesn’t mean they are proof against changing technology and cultural tastes. On the surface, this seems to indicate code use is better utilized in (short term) marketing material. However, if you plan for possible future changes, or only use QR for extra bonus information or material that wouldn’t be included in a “normal” printed book, these codes may bring lasting added value.

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August 2015 Magazine – Design Monday, Aug 17 2015 

Popular QR Code uses include

  • vCard (virtual business card) on regular business or calling cards
  • Click for more/extra/color/exclusive content (maps, individual photo or gallery, music, video, PDF)
  • Order yours via Paypal
  • Go to…Website (including pages not linked any other way), blog, social media, app, etc.
  • Exclusive text, actually encoded into the code itself, of all types – over 4,000 characters (special offers, expanded information, etc.).
  • Make a call (dialing now)
  • Produce email (material submission, sign up/request for…)

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August 2015 Magazine – Define A-Z Monday, Aug 17 2015 

*Gang Shoot(ing): Several photographs to be included in the publication are placed together and halftoned at one time.  While many printers do this by shooting any photo “as they come” within the manuscript – this does not turn out well many times for very light and very dark photos.  This technique is often employed to reduce cost of photo.  Our new electronic halftoning process eliminates this need.

Gloss(y) paper: Paper that has been coated on one or both sides during paper production.  Some high gloss papers glare, making them difficult to read.  Additionally, gloss paper is generally expensive and can not be offset printed.

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