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We are an independent publisher, specializing in genealogy and history. In business since 1970, we have been online since the 1980’s, but this is our first blog. First known as Gregath Company and more recently as The Gregath Publishing Company, we incorporated in 2010. Locally, our print shop is known as Timbercreek Limited. Feel free to poke around, visit the websites listed, and comment. We look forward to growing and expanding our service and support for the next 30 years – and beyond!

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May 2015 Magazine – Define Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Flat Back (square back): A book that has not been rounded and backed.

Font Type: The actual type/style of lettering used in an item.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at and

May 2015 Magazine – Design Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Consider using artwork and graphic elements to enhance your overall book design. This can be done in black and white or color. Please note the example found here of A Witch With No Name, by Rachel Harrison (Harper Voyager, multiple editions). This photo shown as design example – no Copyright infringement intended. The page image to the back is the title page which carries the color graphic and display font through the chapter headers (front) – note the drop cap is not display font for readability.

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May 2015 Magazine – Produce Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Logical fact of “you get what you pay for” should be included as you form your publication plan. We’d all like library oversewn hard cover books of fine leather (gilt edging anyone), printed on a nice weight (how heavy depending on page count), high cotton content/acid free, fine paper (vellum, high opacity, bright white, etc.). However in the 21st century it’s rare to find anyone with the budget that will allow it.

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May 2015Magazine – Marketing Tuesday, May 19 2015 

If putting together a press kit, realize you should go beyond the traditional: In the 21st Century, we are becoming accustomed to personalized marketing materials and you should consider personalized targeting when possible. At the very least, be sure to include a personalized, personally signed cover or explanation letter with each kit.

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May 2015 Magazine – Genealogy Tuesday, May 19 2015 

When researching in the period of the Civil War in the United States, consider what area the contemporary state was:

Northern States California Connecticut Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Main Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota New Hampshire New Jersey
New York Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Vermont West Virginia Wisconsin
Southern States Seceded before 15 April 1861 Alabama Florida Georgia Louisiana
Mississippi South Carolina Texas
Slaves States Did not secede Arkansas North Carolina Tennessee Virginia
Delaware District of Columbia Kentucky Maryland
Territories not yet formed Arizona Colorado Idaho Oklahoma
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico
North Dakota South Dakota Utah Washington

This section is drawn from Genealogy by Berry (including map)

May 2015 Magazine – Computers Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Needing a bit of help learning something about your software? Have you searched YouTube for how-to videos yet?

April, 2015 Magazine – Genealogy Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

The Oklahoma Historical Society has a YouTube channel for full clips of everything that  OHS is digitizing in their archives –

April, 2015 Magazine – Marketing Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

Consider including in your marketing plan forward action, of some type (website/blog/social media post, personal or broadcast email, etc.), every week (or every day).

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April, 2015 Magazine – Production Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

Collages may cover entire families, or specific time period or geographical area. Be careful your scale doesn’t overwhelm the reader or lose the detail (due to size) that was wanted.

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April, 2015 Magazine – Design Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

Turning the back cover into a collage can accomplish many things including:

    • Highlight content within your book, or add photographs not included in the manuscript.

  • If color binding, this may be a value-added way to include some color photographs that were discarded or “downgraded” to black and white in the interior of the book.

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