January, 2018 E-Zine Wednesday, Jan 3 2018 

What’s It Mean? A-Z

Saddle Stitch: Soft type binding where pages are printed four and folded in the middle (spine) and stapled in the fold. Many program books and most magazines are saddle stitched.  Due to the paper being folded as a spine, this works well with only small page count books.  Click here for information web page.

Sans Serif Type: Without serif.  Example: Arial. Though uncluttered, the lack of serif separates the letters and words for the reader.

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Design Inspiration

Can’t decide whether to publish in hard cover or soft cover? Is economics getting in the way of what you envisioned your book to be? One suggestion would be to publish soft cover first edition books (less expense) and take special orders for hard cover books that can be ordered singly (print on demand) and shipped directly to buyers.

Book Manufacturing Concepts

If utilizing print on demand (POD), offer a personalized page such as a special half title, frontice piece, or title page.

Marketing advice

As an individual author, have you signed up for USPS Informed Delivery yet? While this service expanded to individual post office box holders last month, it’s still not available to addresses that are solely business. Why does it matter? If you use the Informed Delivery app, and mail product at a post office, use the app to track the packages: Open the app and after the tracking number has been applied, scan the #, then when is asks if you want it added to your dashboard – say yes. The packages then queue in the app in a tab next to your incoming mail and auto update.


Genealogy ideas

When was the last time you’ve reviewed the basics? Many “old timers” learned it once and don’t feel like going over “old ground” again. However, reviewing what makes good research – especially from alternate sources, can give you new perspective. Are you a Handibook, Redbook, NGS or FGS person? Check out the others – you may learn nothing new, but going over the material may spark new ideas.

Computer aid!?! – See Marketing

March, 2015 Magazine – Production Wednesday, Mar 4 2015 

Even if not “going online” the information found on the noted page should be produced – as it will be invaluable to book promotion. Once produced, it can also be used (or re-used) as a press kit basis.

This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/service/markting/website.html

Electronic Magazine – August, 2014, v13#8: Genealogy Monday, Aug 11 2014 

When searching alternate census to the “standard” Federal, don’t forget to check out mortality.

March, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Design Tuesday, May 20 2014 

If you are considering a digital edition – whether as sole edition/format, or an alternate – do be sure to take advantage of at least some of the additional features you can use in an electronic edition.

February 2006, V5#2: Genealogy Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

Always be aware of nicknames and name derivatives.  While looking for Gertie, don’t discount any Marguerites, etc.  Even if the family tradition states that Mel is a person’s given Christian name, don’t ignore a Melvin if its near the right place and/or time.

April 2004, V3#4: Genealogy Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

Have you checked out alternate Census options?  Don’t discount all census that were taken – in addition to state and federal options there are/were agricultural, etc. at different time periods.

February 2003, V2#2: Genealogy Saturday, Jan 3 2009 

For lost ancestors, have you tried looking in alternate church records?  While a family may be or have been devoutly a particular religion, especially during frontier settlement, they may have been a part of a different congregation.

December 2004, V3#12: Computer Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

Alternate Searching

Stuck at a roadblock and just sure your information isn’t online?  If you try different search strategies, you may “get lucky”.  Especially if researching an ethnicity, consider adding or substituting the “foreign” word for English such as the Dutch word for birth or born if looking for a Dutch birth record.