September 2015 Ezine – Book Production Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

One thing, sometimes overlooked, is that the overall book format(s) may alter both production and shipping costs: If a large part of your sales may be shipped, consider both finished book height and width, as well as page count (depth) and explore packaging and shipping costs. QR codes, bonus material URL, or additional media can be used to cut the total size/weight without reducing the content.

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May 2015 Magazine – Produce Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Logical fact of “you get what you pay for” should be included as you form your publication plan. We’d all like library oversewn hard cover books of fine leather (gilt edging anyone), printed on a nice weight (how heavy depending on page count), high cotton content/acid free, fine paper (vellum, high opacity, bright white, etc.). However in the 21st century it’s rare to find anyone with the budget that will allow it.

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Electronic Magazine – September 2014 v13#9: Production Thursday, Sep 4 2014 

With GCI new base set-up fee of $25.00, don’t forget that one easy way to reduce the cost per book is to order more books. If you publish 25 books, the set-up cost adds $1 per book, if you order 250 books the per book share of the set up fee is only a dime ($.10). While the set up fee is a flat rate, it divides into the quantity for a per book share. Additionally, as your publishing gets larger, you’ll save on printing and binding as bulk discounts are realized.

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May, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Computer Tuesday, May 20 2014 

Still thinking in black and white? The days of green and amber monitors are well past, as is unaffordable color computer copies. We live in a color world and while you may not be able to afford a full color printed book, consider using color in your sales items. Always check the price difference between color and black and white (from letterhead and envelopes to flyer and bookmarks) – the margin of savings may not equal the value loss.

Newest Soft Cover Publishing Package Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 

Take our expanding family of publishing packages as a good starting point, or use them as is! The newest package available is our Soft Cover Mini-Mailer. It covers 8.5×11″ books and smaller of no more than 200 pages, digital manuscript preparation, soft cover graphic art design, publishing, 50 mailing boxes (or 100 priority mail boxes with $30.00 credit), promotional flyers and more. Visit the package page for more details.

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 5: Production Thursday, May 2 2013 

Standard hard binding prices assume books bound on the long edge, however books can be bound on the short edge for as little as $1.00 extra (paper grain running parallel to binding edge).

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Hardbinding services increase Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 

General hardbinding service prices have increased, and we fear they will do so again fairly soon.

Good news is the oversized fee has been slashed from 60 cents per book to 25 cents.

Remember that information found on this site is not a binding quote, but actual quotes are good for 30 days after issue.

July 2009: V8#7: Marketing Friday, Jul 3 2009 

The USPS now has three different “shoebox” sizes of priority boxes for your convenience. This works extremely well for small format books, as the small box costs less to ship.

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Change in publishing ISBN fees Monday, Apr 27 2009 

Spring shift in publishing prices: Where we once charged a $45.00 to us a Gregath ISBN, we have split the fee and service:

Using Gregath ISBN – $20.00

Generate ISBN Barcode for use on publication (Gregath or other) – $20.00

Retreat 2009 Single Supplement Friday, Feb 6 2009 

Retreat on the lake 2009 has announced the single supplement cost for October. Single occupancy retreat tuition will cost an extra $60.00, per person/per room.

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