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More about Bearskin Biography Wednesday, Aug 26 2009 

Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke (Flying Eagle) – American Indian Warrior Hero, A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation is a book that could had been written so much sooner. Through the efforts of the author, Fredrea Gregath Cook, this insightful look at the life of this dynamic personality, will be available in time for this year’s annual meeting and pow-wow of the Wyandotte Nation, September 11, 2009.

Deeply committed to preserving and promoting history of the region, Cook chose this biography as her latest project. Her published work spans preserving local records and families, several titles of lineage research, as well as college texts. A long time friend of Bearskin, personal knowledge, research in public and private collections, and a recent series of interviews serve to round out this glimpse into what makes the man.

An authorized look into this head of state’s life begins with his genealogical origins and sweeps forward in time to the present. This book is an eye opening tale for those who don’t know the Chief very well. For those who are counted as friends, it’s great to finally be able to get “the whole story” in one sitting. Though not a definitive work, at a little over 100 pages, it does handily re-cap his first career in the military, his second career in Civil Service, and his Tribal leadership to this point.

In preparing this work, the author uncovered many great things, with the help of many wonderful people, that a special website has been set up to share extra items, and color photographs, not included in this particular title. It is at, there is no charge and it is open to the public.

The book is available through the publisher, a local business, The Gregath Publishing Company. The author will also be at the Wyandotte pow-wow, where she will have copies on hand. Call the author at 918-542-4148 or visit the website for more information.

Story of the life of Leaford Bearskin to be published Thursday, Aug 20 2009 

Cover of Bearskin BiographyGregath Publishing is pleased to announce a new book about the life and times of Chief Leaford Bearskin, Wyandotte Nation, will be available in time for this year’s annual meeting and Pow-Wow, September 11-113, 2009.

Look at ordering your copy today: Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke (Flying Eagle) An American Indian Warrior Hero A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation, by Fredrea Gregath Cook, 2009. 7×10″, 126 pages, softbound book, indexed, includes photographs. ISBN: 0-944619-96-7/978-0-944619-96-4 G3502-$20.00

New Jasper Co., MO Research Book Friday, Aug 7 2009 

Additions to Tombstone Inscriptions of Jasper County, Missouri
Volume 2
by John Schehrer
Copyright 2009
Go to Revisited 2008 book

Additions to Tombstone Inscriptions of Jasper County, Missouri Volume 2, by John Schehrer has now been published. Continuing his valuable service to the genealogy and family history community, Schehrer goes beyond the original published work that inspired this ongoing project. With publishing his book, Additions to Tombstone Inscriptions of Jasper County, Missouri Revisited, 2008, he began enriching the amount of genealogical information available, in print, for the researching public of Jasper County, Missouri. Schehrer’s inspiration was an earlier book series was compiled by Colleen Webb Belk and Jack Belk throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. His newest book includes additions since the Belk’s groundbreaking work as well as alternate information to the cemeteries of Saginaw and Wild Rose Cemeteries. However, most of the material published in this volume contain burials not previously published in the Belk series.

To make this work more comprehensive, the author has included data from the funeral home records from Hurlbut, Sevier and Knell. Some of this information was also cross checked with death certificates to provide the reader with more information. No original material from the Belk series has been included. Though researchers will find a few similar entries, Schehrer has included only the information he has witnessed and researched. Beginning genealogists may not recognize that recording differences from transcription errors, changes in records, and human interpretation of documents and stones are standard occurrences.

Schehrer traveled to many cemeteries in Jasper County, Missouri, including several graveyards that border the current county lines, surveying them for burials not included in the original Belk volumes. They include: Baptist, Cave Springs, Cedar Hill, Dudenville, Dudman, Friends, Green Lawn, Hackney, Mitchell, Mound, Oronogo, Saginaw, and Wild Rose.

This new publication measurers 8.5×11” and has a soft comb binding. Its’ 116 pages include an introduction by the author, table of contents, an author brief on each property, individual transcriptions by cemetery, and a surname index by cemetery. For more information, contact the Gregath Publishing Company at 918-542-4148, or visit them online.

August 2009, V8#8: Define Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

Hard binding spotlight #1

Mt. Zion, GA: Deluxe bindingHardbound (hard back, hard cover): Books that are Library Oversewn and covered with the binding material of your choice, over .98 binding boards.  Click here for more information.

  • Standard Buckram Hardbinding: see above – binding material is buckram with a free spine imprint and free single line front cover imprint – usually gold foil. Click here for more information.

  • Full Color Illustrated:  see above – 4-color imprinted laminated paper – free cover layout. Click here for more information.

  • Deluxe/Executive Hardbinding: see above – binding material is usually Lexitone with free spine imprint including bars and free custom (no larger than 6×9″) front imprint – variety of inks & foils available. Click here for more information.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at and

Run across a word that you don’t understand?  Try us – email us your word, term or phrase and we will see if we can shed some light on the matter!

August 2009, V8#8: Design Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

Quality may be a factor in deciding whether to included a printed photo in a family book, but not always. Many authors are producing hybrid books so they don’t have to leave any photos out. This page contains some great ideas to be published by the Gregath Publishing Company to keep in mind.

Show your achievements, whatever they are – be they are military medals, trophies, etc. Captions are important as well.

This section is drawn from

August 2009, V8#8: Production Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

Not all soft bindings are created equal. Know the standard options of the publisher. If the standard offerings don’ already do so, can they include elements that you are interested in? This should be a factor in choosing your publisher/binder.

August 2009, V8#8: Marketing Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

Small cards can be great small promotional pieces – even if they are never meant to be mailed via USPS. Great for cover-flat items, book marks, oversized business, trading, rolodex, book plates, and more. Cards fill a variety of uses including gaming cards, flash cards. place cards, trading cards, and more.

This section is drawn from

August 2009, V8#8: Genealogy Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

The Vertical File

As interest in genealogy has expanded, libraries have accumulated letters, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, Bible records, research notes, charts, lineage society application forms – you name it, they probably have it. 

Librarians had no place to store this valuable information and would never consider throwing it away.  Consisting mainly of loose sheets of paper and brochures and pamphlets, these small items got lost on the bookshelves. 

With the creation of vertical files, the problem was solved.  Vertical files are simply labeled folders kept in filing cabinets.  Most libraries have them.  The experienced library researcher knows these folders are potential goldmines so they should be looked at regularly. 

Folder contents are usually not indexed or catalogued beyond a listing of folder titles.  The folders are alphabetized according to subject of the folder’s contents. 

In the Family History Room at the Lawton Public Library, the vertical files are kept in three cabinets.  The files are grouped by surname, Native American, place and miscellaneous subjects. 

If you are researching your family history, check with your nearest library to find out if it maintains a vertical file.  If so, that would be a good place to donate items that do not pertain to your family but might be a “treasure” to someone else. 

(This information was taken from Paul Follett’s column Tree Tracers published in the Lawton Constitution on August 4, 2008.)

August 2009, V8#8: Computers Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

With group (publishing), unless you can get together at “the drop of a hat”, your group may find itself in need of a way to share files over the internet. The easiest way to do that is pick a format you all use and send email attachments. However, many people prefer to add another layer of anti-virus protection to this. Rather than basically computer to computer (email), computer to third party area where it can be scanned before downloading into computer. Basic needs can be fulfilled by having an electronic group online, like through Yahoo or Google. However, if more space is needed, here are a few suggestions:

  • – free or paid services

  • – this is great because you can set the files to expire when they are loaded. When they expire, they are deleted from the internet.

  • Microsoft SharePoint – Robust paid service

This section is drawn from

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