Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Definition Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

What’s It Mean? A-Z
Coated Paper: Paper is traditionally coated on two sides and is broadly used for all types of printing, included multicolor work. Lately, paper coated only on one side has become available and widely used as an economical measure.
Coil Bound: Soft type binding. Like comb binding method except a coil or spiral secures the book instead of a comb. Click here for more information.
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Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Book Design Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

Ever feel like you are hand selling your work? If you already handle all the marketing, especially for small publishing editions, consider setting your work apart further by designating a signed edition. These can additionally be numbered (hand or machine) and/or carry special pages such as color or bonus. Consider marketing the edition as signed and limited – even designating a special ISBN.
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Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Production Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

Book Manufacturing Concepts – inserting items
When deciding how to attach flat insert items into your traditionally printed book, sleeve options include one open end (side or top), a flap closure at an open end, a two sided sleeve (2 sides open), zipper bags and more.
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Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Computer Aid Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

If you choose to use social media, or multiple online presence, it is bet to keep them up to date. If you begin an account and don’t use it in a given time (perhaps 6 months), it’s time to write a note of why you are discontinuing and then follow through with actually shuttering it: Better to use communication than show you could care less.

Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Genealogy & Marketing Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

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