February 2018 Magazine Issue Monday, Feb 26 2018 

What’s It Mean?

Fold out (gate fold): Any included material in a book that is larger than the text page. Inclusion in book, by definition, must be printed on oversized paper and folded smaller than finished book size to allow for unfolding.

Watermark: Mark traditionally produced during paper production within the structure of the paper. Digital watermarks may be produced by applying a ghosted mark during the printing process to paper or other media.

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) are not generally used in our office.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at
http://www.gregathcomany.com/info/dictionary and

Run across a word that you don’t understand? Try us – email us your word, term or phrase and we will see if we can shed some light on the matter!

Design Inspiration

Considering different formats to your index can make it more user friendly, reduce page count, alter the “flavor” of the index, and more. While it is hoped that all genealogy authors feel and index is required, it shouldn’t be looked at as “something I’ve got to do”. Visit our information page for more examples and ideas.

Book Manufacturing Concepts

Authors, did you know that if you only want a few pages in your book printed in color – say 10 out of a 200 page manuscript, you can order only those pages in color? No longer must they be together or in the front or back to produce this potential vast reduction in cost. Likewise, all your manuscript pages may be in color, but only the page numbers you specify will be printed (and charged) as full color.

Marketing advice

Haven’t double checked new pricing through USPS yet? Remember pricing on many things changed January 21. Go to https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/notice123.htm at any time for full pricing. More information, including easier to use guides can be found at postalpro.usps.com – search “2018 price change”.

Genealogy ideas

You’ve had a month to settle into the new year: Have you set you set your 2018 genealogy goals? If not, no better time than the present to set at least one. If so, it’s not a bad idea to review them and note your progress or plans to implement.

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Computer aid!?!

Attempting to utilize any of the services USPS offers on their website? Information gathering (zip codes, tracking, pricing, “how to”, etc.) can be done without an account, but many other great things are available to you once you set up a free account through USPS: Informed Delivery, change of address (fee for this service as a way of ID protection), mailing supply (including stamp) ordering (fees for “shipping” and face value), click-n-ship, a variety of other services for businesses, more automated tracking, etc. Go to http://www.usps.com and click the sign in/register link in the upper right of the screen – then follow the instructions.

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A Band of ANGLEAS Reprint Thursday, Mar 2 2017 

We are excited to announce the return to print ofangeleaftcvr

A Band of Angleas with Index (2017 Omnibus reprint) and the original index only

By Robert W. Anglea

Revised from original 1991 book and includes supplemental index (sold separately in early edition), this 460 page book carries an hardcover ISBN 978-1-936091-32-4. The original large format of 8.5×11″ has been preserved in this  full-color hard cover book. Contents include photographs, charts, documents and artwork.

Softbound and CD editions also available. Visit the website or contact us for more information.


November & December 2016 E-Zine Tuesday, Dec 13 2016 

This busy season we are announcing both issues can be found on our website or in a Facebook note. We realize this may not “deliver it to your door” like placing the text in three different places online, but think it might be worth the little extra effort for blog readers.

Special Author Offer – through Thanksgiving 2016 Thursday, Aug 25 2016 

Electronic Book Conversion – Discounts for all

Choose free electronic service, 50% off, or deeper discounts, depending on what is most helpful to you:

FREE: Submit a copy of your manuscript in MS Word and we’ll convert it to PDF at no charge. Electronic approval is required before using converted PDF for print production. These electronic book files are meant for personal and family use and enjoyment, as they will contain no Copyright or Digital Rights Management (DRM) protections.

OR Interested in a PDF book manuscript from hard copy? If it is document feedable, we will only charge a penny a page to convert (at least 50% savings)

OR EPUB file (more “traditional” EBook format) of interest? Basic file conversion is free, but seldom does a basic conversion result in a file authors are happy with due to the differences between the printed page and EBook formatting. If further services are desired, they can be billed at only $10.00 hour – over 50% savings.

Electronic file offers may be combined and files provided via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.com free of charge. Mailed file services available for a fee.

To qualify for your choice of special offer, you must do the following:

  • Send your manuscript (with production instructions and discount code), mailing information, and deposit to arrive at the publisher postmarked no later than 11-25-16 with code.

  • Use this Discount Code ONLY: “ENov16Conv”.

Retreat 2016 Date Update Monday, Jun 6 2016 

Apologies to all who have seen our printed flyers. We just found out from a lovely lady in Topeka that we’ve been printing the wrong dates on the flyers! While we will have bonus pre-retreat activities on Sunday, October 2 for full package attendees – the 2 day retreat starts on Monday the 3rd. Please feel free to share the corrected flyer far and wide. A fill-able PDF format flyer is available at our website.FlyerPhoto

Catalog Discount through Independence Day 2016 Wednesday, Mar 9 2016 

MOinCWV17All volumes of Missourians in the Civil War
by Kenneth Weant
are offered at a 10% discount
through July 4, 2016.

Standard shipping and handling rates apply, unless otherwise arranged: $13.00 for first book and only $2.00 each additional. This savings may be combined with any other offers.

Please note these books are drop shipped directly from the author.

Retreat 2016 New Speaker Tuesday, Mar 8 2016 

Joe Bott will be joining us at the retreat to discuss and enlighten us about many positive facets of his free web project Dead Fred. His online photo archive has harnessed the power of networking to put identifications to photographs for many years – since before crowd-sourcing was popular. Visit the Retreat online for more information.

October 2016 Retreat Updates Wednesday, Jan 13 2016 

Prices and registration have now been set!

For 11 hours, we will focus on genealogy and research skills in a more luxurious setting than past events. Full slate of speakers and topics should be available by the end of March. Check the website as plans take shape.

Standard Retreat Package is $225.00 (by September 1, 2016), with an Early Bird Discount of $205.00 available until May 1, 2016. This includes 5 meals, overnight lodging, at least 11 hours instruction, taxes, gratuities, and more. Single or +1 supplement is $60.00, payments are possible, and additional nights can be added through Gregath as well.

Day trips are available for either day at $100.00 each – by September 1, 2016.

Please share this information with others who may want to attend – or even speak. Potential speakers should check out the call at the 2016 Retreat website.lobby1

Publishing Discount Offer – Until December, 2015 Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

Limited Free Professional Work

With your paid order, receive up to 2 hours Gregath staff work ($50.00 value) that can be used for any service associated with your order: consultation, graphic design (cover, etc.), page typesetting, manuscript check, digitization, alternate edition design, website production, photo work (restoration, touch up, etc.), social media and other marketing, etc. This does not guarantee 100% full fulfillment of vision within this time frame: Any additional time billed at $25.00 per hour in 1/4 increments. This free offer does included removal of any proposed addition or change produced in this time period as specified. Feel free to contact us with any questions about this upgrade offer.

To take advantage of this offer, you must specifically request this offer with your order/payment mailing and send your paid order to arrive at the publisher before December 1, 2015.

Current Publishing Service Sale Thursday, Jul 2 2015 

10%: Color for black and white

If color book page publishing in quantities of 10 or more, pay black and white prices for 10% of your total. The more you order, the more you save! This applies to any book pages (entire book or specified pages) ordered in color – binding prices remain the same. Examples:

  • Publish 10 books, pay 9 for color and 1 color book black and white cost.
  • Publish 100-109 books, get 10 color books at black and white cost.
  • Publish 210-219 books, get 21 color books for black and white.

To qualify for this special offer, you must do the following:

  • Specifically request this offer with your order/payment mailing.
  • Send your manuscript, mailing information, and payment to arrive at the publisher before August 31, 2015.

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