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A new catalog has been generated for Smashwords editions. It includes much more of the catalog listings available piecemeal on our website – and can be downloaded free at the following web page:


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New special offer for publishing customers until October 31, 2012:

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Get placement in Books in Print automatically in any quantity.  We will add a Gregath ISBN to your verso free of charge and take care of the paperwork.  All books that carry Gregath ISBN do need to fill out our ISBN advertising program (no cost to enroll) form, or be listed published but out of print. Offer does not include any cover expenses related to ISBN or bar code fees.

To qualify for this special offer, please do the following:

  • Specifically request this sale (and what free/savings) offer with your manuscript/deposit mailing.

  • Send your manuscript and deposit to arrive at the publisher by 10-31-2012. Excludes any manuscripts already in house or mailed by September 18, 2012.

  • Include a copy of this blog post.

Indexes for personal use online free and in new format. Friday, Sep 14 2012 

New searchable index online for private use:

Genealogy of James Peery: Virginia Pioneer, Revolutionary War Veteran, Tennessee Frontiersman, Hickman County Resident, Ancestors and Descendants, by Charles L. Peery, second printing – revised. 8½x11″, hardbound book, 546 pages, ISBN 978-1-936091-09-6, , includes photos, maps, and documents. R400-$61.00 Click here

Alexander Family Collection Volume 1, compiled by Fredrea & Carrie Ann Cook, 2003. 8½x11″, hardbound book, 170 pages, reprint of 1931 work by Winthrop Alexander Genealogy of the Alexander Family of the Connecticut Valley (OOP), with new introductory material and indexG011-$36.00 Click Here

September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Define Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Adhesive binding: Soft or hard type binding – most associated with perfect soft  binding. Pages held together by adhesive/glue, rather than any form or sewing or mechanical attachment (stapled). Block then attached to paper (soft) or hard cover case.

*Mechanical binding: Bindings utilizing a mechanical medium of fastening such as wires, staples, or plastic. Gregath classified as soft or hard type binding.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at and

September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Design Inspiration Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Be careful if scaling (enlarging or reducing) graphics. You can have a very high quality graphic, but if you enlarge it 800% to fit your idea of the cover, it will generally loose focus and/or pixilated. The lower the quality, the less you can enlarge a graphic. As a rule, reduction is not a quality issue, unless it is shrunk so small that little or no detail is visible. Keep in mind, if using a photo quality, or other high quality computer printer to view your graphic print outs that production machines do not always match or exceed this high end, consumer quality – unless specifically commissioned.

Graphic files that are layered should be sent in their native format, as well as being flattened into a single layer, for original artwork. If sending PDF, be sure that the conversion “locks down” all fonts.

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September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Book Manufacturing Concepts Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Softbound books can be bound in several available styles. Currently, the most popular is the Perfect Bound or wrap around cover. Perfect binding utilizes a hot glue process and allows for both front, back, and spine imprinting, in most cases. Note that because the adhesive adheres the cover directly to the pages, this is not considered a “lay flat” option. While these attractive softbound books may be done in any thickness, the durability of perfect binding declines in books containing more than 300 pages.  The perfect binding method for softbound books is commonly offered in no fewer than 100 book orders, as smaller runs are not cost effective utilizing this method due to set up charges.

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September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Marketing Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Some basic pages (any category may be multiple pages) you may wish to have include in an author/book website include:

  • Bonus content or special features not included in printed book –
    • Forum or Elist about the book content
    • Updated from author
    • Book buyer special offers

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September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Genealogy Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Network, network, network: Be it in person, by email, webinar, social networking, etc. Get out there!

September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Genealogy Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

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