New 2011 tour infomation Thursday, Dec 30 2010 

2011 will be a great year for genealogy research (and fun) trips. Dates, and in most cases, costs have now been set. Visit the tour webpage for more details.

Hard binding default changes Monday, Dec 27 2010 

 Our Standard and Deluxe hard binding prices have taken a rise in costs. Because of this, and the economy, our default hard binding service (price lists and quote requests for simply “hard binding”) has now become full color. Please contact us with questions and note that we still offer the same high quality services.


Holiday Wishes & Office Hours Friday, Dec 24 2010 

We wish all you and yours a great holiday season and close of 2010.

Our offices will officially be closed from noon, Friday, December 24 through Friday, December 31. Note emails and phone messages will still be replied to and the presses will still run.

Our European Origins by Riley limited pricing Thursday, Dec 16 2010 


Gregath Company, Inc. is pleased send you this special pre-publication sale for the 2011 reprint of the following book:
 Our European Origins, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2011 reprint of second edition. 652 pages, 6×9″, hardbound book. the aim of this book is to provide a brief, thumbnail history of the various nationalities of Europe, keeping in mind the particular interests of professional and amateur genealogists and family historians.  To appreciate this aim, the reader must realize that today many ethnic nationalities actually transcend current, established “national” borders and that the people they seek are not always to be found in the country which normally suggests their ethnicity.  For example, the Swiss-German and the Austrian are members of the Germanic race, but they are not to be found living in Germany.  Also, the people of Hungarian origin living in Transylvania do not live in Hungary; instead, today, they are citizens of Romania.  Thus, this history is about the many different peoples of Europe despite current borders. R3806-$80.00 retail
Special Pre-Publication price of $64.00 for paid orders received by February 1, 2011 only
Book also available on CD for $80.00 – no pre-publication pricing on CD format.

The corrected manuscript is still being finalized and we do not have a delivery date set at this time. However, retail on the reprint is same price as the earlier edition, and the pre-publication sale even less.

All orders are subject to standard shipping and handling: $11.00 for first title/item and $2.00 each additional. Orders of “G” or “R” books sent Priority USPS unless otherwise noted or requested. “AD” items not guaranteed a carrier or class. Local pick ups are always free of s&h, by arrangement.

We do accept purchase orders from libraries.  Libraries may request media mail/lower shipping. All book orders, except library purchase orders, must be pre-paid.

E-Zine V9#12: Computer Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 

A website of your own – part 2

At a bit more cost, you can hand pick your very own web address. This is called a domain and is a separate fee from your ISP page space. An example for the same site found at the above addresses (URL) would be:

Addresses can be important if people are looking for you or your book and don’t remember a lot about it. Even the best efforts to get into search engines are not foolproof. If the decision to purchase the domain, and keep up it’s “rent” is made, you’ll also need to decide on one author domain (generally your name) or a separate domain for each book.

To Recap: A webpage, or web site needs both online space (hosting) for the pages and an address. The address may be provided by your ISP for no additional charge, or you can buy (Annually) a domain of your own for your web page(s).

This section is drawn from

E-Zine V9#12: Genealogy Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 

2011 Back to Basics Retreat Information – come join the fun! Speaker applications are still being taken.

E-Zine V9#12: Market Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 

Public Speaking
Make the act of marketing pay you!

If you offer your time and chosen topic(s) to local groups, you may be surprised that they may net sales, as well as gas money, honorariums, and/or free meals, not to mention the networking possibilities – producing material for your next publication, etc. Schools may also be interested, though many of these programs may not allow for sales time. If you are comfortable lecturing, seek national or “big” opportunities, and the paychecks that are associated with getting “the job”. This may be done through groups, or through your own booking talent for “private” lectures.

Please don’t forget that, if you choose to apply it to income tax, all costs associated with this are deductible in some way.

This section is drawn from

E-Zine V9#12: Design Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 


Think outside the box! Have tons of great photos and memorabilia, but don’t want to publish a “scrapbook” type title? Consider offering a scrapbook CD, DVD, or Thumb drive. Don’t want to have more than one item to sell? sell printed book and electronic media together as one unit. Prefer to share more information? Add photos and memorabilia over time to your website, blog, or network profile. It can be freely shared in such a way that it is actual marketing for your book!

For more information see:

New Pre-Publication Sale Special Wednesday, Dec 8 2010 

Gregath is proud to announce another family history reprint and it’s pre-publication special:

To be published – delivery date not specified:
Marc Hardoin (Mark Hardin [I]) and Descendents, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2011. 1066 pages, 6×9″, hardbound book. This book consists of three major parts. The first contains narrative chapters which provide a brief history of the French people, where the Hardouins/Ardouins lived in seventeenth century France, where they lived and to where they migrated: Colonial Virginia, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The second contains Jack Hardin’s book about early Hardin pioneers who faced danger from Indian attacks and experienced many hardships in settling Kentucky. And, lastly, supporting documentation from France, British Isles, and official court records extracts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Also, in Part III contains a series of Family Group Charts by which the Hardins and their descendents may trace lineage back to the Immigrant Ancestor, Marc Hardouin (Mark Hardin [I]). Research for this Hardin book has spanned a period of approximately twenty-five years.
R3805-$120.00 Retail – Special Pre-Publication Price (until January 25, 2011) $72.00 Click here for more information and other current pre-publication specials.

Some Pre-Press Fee Changes Monday, Dec 6 2010 

 Hourly rates for most pre-press work will be increasing from $15.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour with a $25.00 minimum. The minimum may be combined across several pre-press services. Additionally, we always freely offer suggestions and advise for customers to do most, if not all, pre-press work themselves. Don’t look at our prices, compared to $60-$125 an hour that is commonly charged for computer and graphic arts work as too good to be true. We know our business and do pre-press work in house, rather than farming it out and marking it up. By keeping our overhead down and pass the savings on to the customer. Watch for future printing and publishing changes posted on our notice page.

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