October 26-27 Retreat Basic Schedule Filled Monday, Mar 11 2013 

Times are yet to be confirmed and there may still be surprises, but here are the 11 learning opportunities on tap for package attendees at this time:

  • Movie Night
    Comic look at the pros and cons of stereotypes in research


New book offering on Edington family Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

One of many new titles we have recently begun to offer focuses on the Edington family:
Before and After Earl Kenneth Edington, by Vanda Edington. 206 pages, 8.5×11″, softbound book. A historical genealogy of the Edington lineage extending back to Colonial time including allied lines of Emery, Gaddis and Hardesty. This volume begins in Colonial America with Philip Edington and has a chapter dedicated to each generation in his line. Ten chapters profile each family, relate verbal history and have maps and photographs, along with the history of the time and locality. This book has descendancy charts for the four allied lines and select family group sheets included. AD2490-$28.00+S&H Visit http://www.gregathcompany.com/catalog/families/e.html for complete table of contents and PayPal ordering button.

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Computers Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Mailing packages through Priority USPS? Save up to 25% (or more with Regional boxes) by learning their online payment/label print functions “click and print”.

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Genealogy Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Oklahoma online free resources

Check in with the Oklahoma History Center to see what online databases and indexes are available to use for free: http://www.okhistory.org/research/index

Two new resources are the 1933 Unemployment relief census and the 1901 El Reno Land Lottery names drawn.

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Marketing Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Lost our marketing pages on the GCI website? They’ve moved to http://www.gregathcompany.com/service/marketing

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Production Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Some ideas for Electronic edition publications

  • Imbed or cross link objects such as video.

  • Format pages with background/wall paper – include graphics in layers.

This section is drawn from

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Design Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Top reasons to publish electronically by disk:

  1. Accessible without internet connection.

  2. More easily definable and traceable sold “copy” then pure electronic file.

This section is drawn from

E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3: Define A-Z Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 

Advanced Reading Copy (ARC): A sample publication produced with author/customer submitted material.  Many times this is in an alternate binding (or unbound with small publications) than the main publishing.  The reproduction process is usually not the same as the main printing (100+) and therefore differences in quality, text block placement, etc. may occur between the ARC and the published book.  For POD, however, this gives the customer the chance to see the quality of photograph the supplied material will produce.  Since Gregath works mainly from submitted camera ready copy, an ARC is generally not necessary.  Our quality guarantee  covers any printer error (such as upside down photos) that may occasionally occur.

Adhesive binding: Soft or hard type binding – most associated with perfect soft  binding. Pages held together by adhesive/glue, rather than any form or sewing or mechanical attachment (stapled). Block then attached to paper (soft) or hard cover case.


For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at
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