October 8 & 9 Reservations Extended Monday, Sep 27 2010 

We hate for anyone to miss out on the Benefit Dinner, the Genealogy Research Seminar, or exhibiting for the Oklahoma Books & Authors Showcase. Busy schedules sometimes let dates get away from us. Still want to participate? Great – drop your registration in the mail for a postmark by Wednesday, September 29th. Arriving paid reservations will be added, first come-first serve, until space is no longer available.

Click for registration form.


Reservation Deadline for October Events Fast Approaching Monday, Sep 13 2010 

In case you didn’t know, reservations for the early October events in Tulsa, OK hosted by our company are to be made by Friday, September 24, 2010.

If the space fills before that date, you will be placed on a waiting list with paid registrations.

Readers, come and enjoy the Oklahoma Books & Authors showcase free of charge with no reservation needed! Great come and go event to add to your Saturday activities during the Tulsa State Fair.

Lunch reservations can be made by anyone…

One reservation form to rule them all…

Halloween Sale – Bigger and Better! Friday, Sep 3 2010 

We are really going batty!!!

After the Halloween sale started, we receved permission to offer deep discounts on quite a few more titles – here you go:

Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee Overstock Offerings – the need for warehouse space is your gain. Note all books are drop shipped (normally AD numbers). Specify title when ordering.

Adair Co., KY 1810 Census: $5.00

Adair Co., KY Tax List: $5.00

Ballard Co., KY 1860 Census: $10.00

Ballard Co., KY 1870 Census: $10.00

Ballard Co., KY 1880 Census: $15.00

Ballard Co., KY Births and Deaths: $10.00

Bullitt Co., KY 1850 Census: $6.00

Caldwell Co., KY News, Vol. 1-14 ea: $7.00

Caldwell Co., KY Tax List 1809-1811: $4.00

Caldwell Co., KY Tax List 1812-1814: $4.00

Calloway Co., KY 1850 Census: $9.00

Calloway Co., KY 1860 Census: $11.00

Calloway Co., News, Vol. 1-11  ea: $7.00

Calloway Co., KY Tax 1825-1828: $5.00

Calloway Co., KY Tax 1829: $6.00

Calloway Co., KY Tax 1834-1836: $8.00

Calloway Co., KY Tax 1837-1838: $7.00

Calloway Co., KY Tax 1840-1841: $7.00

Christian Co., KY News, Vol. 1-15  ea: $7.00

Christian Co., KY Wills, Vol. 1-8 ea : $11.00

Graves Co., KY 1850 Census: $10.00

Graves Co., KY 1860 Census: $15.00

Graves Co., KY 1870 Census: $11.00

Graves Co., KY 1880 Census: $11.00

Graves Co., KY 1910 Census: $15.00

Graves Co., Deaths 1852-1859: $8.00

Graves Co., KY News, Vol. 1-65 ea: $7.00

Graves Co., KY School Census 1899: $8.00

Logan Co., KY 1820 & 1830 Census: $8.00

Lyon Co., KY Births 1853-1862: $7.00

Marshall Co., KY News, Vol. 1-5  ea: $7.00

Smiths of Marshall County: $7.00

Marshall Co., KY WWI Vets: $5.00

Trigg Co., KY Cemetery Records: $18.00

Trigg Co., KY News, Vol. 1-41 ea: $7.00

Sivills of Trigg County: $10.00

Trigg Co., KY Misc. Hist. Clip. 1-19 ea: $7.00

Warren Co., KY Marriages 1797-1851: $10.00

Anson Co., NC Wills, Vol. 3-6 ea: $11.00

Beaufort Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1, 3 ea: $11.00

Beaufort Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1-4 ea: $11.00

Bertie Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1-4  ea: $11.00

Bertie Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1-4 ea: $11.00

Chatham Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 3-6 ea: $11.00

Chatham Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1, 3, 5 ea: $11.00

Chowan Co., NC Orphans 1767-1775: $8.00

Craven Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1-5 ea: $11.00

Craven Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1-2 ea: $11.00

Mecklenburg Co., NC Tax  1797: $6.00

Mecklenburg Co., NC Tax 1806-10: $10.00

Mecklenburg Co., NC  Tax 1810-1824: $11.00

Mecklenburg Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1-2 ea: $11.00

Northampton Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1-3  ea: $11.00

Orange Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1,3-5  ea: $11.00

Orange Co., NC Wills, Vol. 1,3-7 ea: $11.00

Pasquotank Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 1, 2, 5 ea: $11.00

Benton Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1: $11.00

Carroll Co., TN Wills, Vol. 1-3 ea: $11.00

Claiborne Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1-2  ea: $11.00

Davidson Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1-8  ea: $11.00

Dickson Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1-6  ea: $11.00

Dickson Co., TN News, Vol. 1-6  ea: $6.00

Henry Co., TN 1850 Census : $11.00

Henry Co., TN Wills, Vol. 1,3-6 ea: $11.00

Houston Co., TN News, Vol. 1: $6.00

Montgomery Co., TN Co. Ct. Min.: $10.00

Montgomery Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1-3 ea: $11.00

Montgomery Co., TN Wills, Vol. 1-10 ea: $11.00

Tennessee Co., NC Deeds, Vol. 2: $11.00

Obion Co., TN Deeds, Vol  1: $11.00

Sevier Co., TN Marriages: $10.00

Smith Co., TN 1830 Census: $5.00

Smith Co., TN 1840 Census: $6.00

Smith Co., TN Deeds, Vol. 1-2 ea: $11.00

Smith Co., TN Wills, Vol. 1-4 ea: $11.00

Stewart Co., TN Census 1820 & 1830: $5.00

Stewart Co., TN 1840 Census: $5.00

Stewart Co., TN 1850 Census: $10.00

Stewart Co., TN Deeds, Vol.  3: $11.00

Stewart Co., TN Marriages, Vol. 1: $5.00

Stewart Co., TN Marriages, Vol. 2-4 ea: $9.00

Weakley Co., 1860 Census: $15.00

Weakley Co., TN Marriages, Vol. 1-5 ea: $10.00

Weakley Co., TN Wills, Vol. 1-3 ea: $11.00

Orders must be postmarked by October 31, 2010
Prices may be limited to items in stock.
Copy of blog header must be sent with order.

In addition to the marked down book prices above, you can find special S&H on our webpage: http://www.gregathcompany.com/catalog/sale.html 

September E-Zine V9#9: Marketing Wednesday, Sep 1 2010 

Some basic pages (any category may be multiple pages) you may wish to have include in an author/book website include:

  • Bonus content or special features not included in printed book –
    • Forum or Elist about the book content
    • Updated from author
    • Book buyer special offers

This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/web/

September E-Zine V9#9: Design Wednesday, Sep 1 2010 

Be careful if scaling (enlarging or reducing) graphics. You can have a very high quality graphic, but if you enlarge it 800% to fit your idea of the cover, it will generally loose focus and/or pixilated. The lower the quality, the less you can enlarge a graphic. As a rule, reduction is not a quality issue, unless it is shrunk so small that little or no detail is visible. Keep in mind, if using a photo quality, or other high quality computer printer to view your graphic print outs that production machines do not always match or exceed this high end, consumer quality – unless specifically commissioned.

Graphic files that are layered should be sent in their native format, as well as being flattened into a single layer, for original artwork. If sending PDF, be sure that the conversion “locks down” all fonts.

This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/hb/color/coverdesign.html