2016 First Quarter Publishing Special Offer Sunday, Jan 17 2016 

Free Stationary or Promotional Materials
The more books published, the more free to you!
25, 8.x11″, black and white, printed one side sheets for every 25 books you order.


Perfect for stationary, or sell sheets, this offer can be combined with color, extra printing, folding, etc. upgrades to fulfill your needs. This offer includes free g


raphic production of basic letterhead or we can produce whatever you send in a PDF file. Ordering 500 books, then expect 500 free sheets. Additional requested, FREE upgrade  – ask for better paper and allow us to select something from our in-house stock for you: anything from 60-80 white to linen or specialty color paper. Not available in quantities different than 25 increments, advance shipping may be paid by customer if desired.


To qualify for your choice of special offer, you must do the following:

  • Send your manuscript, mailing information, and deposit to arrive at the publisher postmarked no later than 4-16-16 with code.
  • Use this Discount Code ONLY: “FreMAT”.

October 2016 Retreat Updates Wednesday, Jan 13 2016 

Prices and registration have now been set!

For 11 hours, we will focus on genealogy and research skills in a more luxurious setting than past events. Full slate of speakers and topics should be available by the end of March. Check the website as plans take shape.

Standard Retreat Package is $225.00 (by September 1, 2016), with an Early Bird Discount of $205.00 available until May 1, 2016. This includes 5 meals, overnight lodging, at least 11 hours instruction, taxes, gratuities, and more. Single or +1 supplement is $60.00, payments are possible, and additional nights can be added through Gregath as well.

Day trips are available for either day at $100.00 each – by September 1, 2016.

Please share this information with others who may want to attend – or even speak. Potential speakers should check out the call at the 2016 Retreat website.lobby1

January 2016 E-Zine: Complete Monday, Jan 11 2016 

What’s It Mean? A-Z

Headband/Footband (also header/footer in binding terms): A strip of embroidered cloth at the end (top/bottom) of the spine, extending beyond the book block. Optional ALA element included in Gregath deluxe binding. Now available as upgrade in color hard binding.

Hinge In: A paper or cloth strip may be adhered along the binding edge of the a page, or pages, to be added after the book has been bound, so that the strip extends beyond the binding edge. This can then be “hinged” into a “finished” book by pasting up the part of the paper or cloth strip that extends beyond the addition, and adhering the strip to the binding edge of a sheet (or leaf) in the text block.  This may also be used to change a given published page: cut the page to be replaced out of the existing book leaving as wide a bound paper strip as the binding margin will allow; follow instructions as above or – trim the replacement page to fit the published book (with extra paper to overlap bound strip); using an archival quality media, attach replacement page to bound strip.

For other writing, printing, publishing, marketing lingo, check our glossaries at
http://www.gregathcomany.com/info/dictionary and

Run across a word that you don’t understand? Try us – email us your word, term or phrase and we will see if we can shed some light on the matter!

Design Inspiration

Consider adding extra material to a book through QR codes, removable media (CD/DVD, USB, memory card), or cloud links.

Book Manufacturing Concepts

If budget is a watch word, consider the weight difference between hard and soft cover books when shipping.

Marketing advice

Take into consideration USPS price and standards changes (effective 1-17-2016) when figuring book shipping prices.

Genealogy ideas

It takes a village: Don’t discount getting together with other like-minded people for education and reinforcement. Gregath is hosting a retreat in October that may be of interest.

Computer aid!?!

Do you have something (format) you use over and over again from MS Office – maybe with just a little bit of tweaking? Consider making the format (blank without personalized information) into a template. In your MS program, make a file that contains all the repetitive format and information. When you save as (save if not already saved), click the down arrow by format (under file name) and choose template (word template, excel template, etc.). To make it easier to use, save it where your other templates for that program are saved – or make a dedicated template file folder that is easy to find.