Special Author Offer – through Thanksgiving 2016 Thursday, Aug 25 2016 

Electronic Book Conversion – Discounts for all

Choose free electronic service, 50% off, or deeper discounts, depending on what is most helpful to you:

FREE: Submit a copy of your manuscript in MS Word and we’ll convert it to PDF at no charge. Electronic approval is required before using converted PDF for print production. These electronic book files are meant for personal and family use and enjoyment, as they will contain no Copyright or Digital Rights Management (DRM) protections.

OR Interested in a PDF book manuscript from hard copy? If it is document feedable, we will only charge a penny a page to convert (at least 50% savings)

OR EPUB file (more “traditional” EBook format) of interest? Basic file conversion is free, but seldom does a basic conversion result in a file authors are happy with due to the differences between the printed page and EBook formatting. If further services are desired, they can be billed at only $10.00 hour – over 50% savings.

Electronic file offers may be combined and files provided via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.com free of charge. Mailed file services available for a fee.

To qualify for your choice of special offer, you must do the following:

  • Send your manuscript (with production instructions and discount code), mailing information, and deposit to arrive at the publisher postmarked no later than 11-25-16 with code.

  • Use this Discount Code ONLY: “ENov16Conv”.


February 2016 E-Zine: Complete Monday, Feb 1 2016 

Design Inspiration

At the earliest, as you complete your manuscript, you should begin thinking about what editions you will be publishing in. Estimated page count, target usage, and type of binding may dictate different maximum page margins for traditionally printed books. Depending on the software options (index, end/foot note, etc.) you use to produce your work separate manuscript files for each edition may be needed. Preliminary work for electronic edition may be done in a word processing application followed by a straight conversion (such as PDF) or export for more work done in a program geared to produce electronic publication manuscripts.

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Book Manufacturing Concepts

Using Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign (or other program of this type)? While it is easy to place frames and objects outside of your established margins and even running off the edge of the page (full bleed), remember margins are necessary to produce a page pleasing to the eye and many forms of standard printing do not allow for no margin or bleed printing. Always place all elements, unless previously discussed with your publisher, within your established margins.

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Marketing advice

In the 21st century Social Networking is not going away. Where you may have “pressed the flesh” and been active in organizations to network in the past (thus getting the word out on your current and past projects), getting involved in the online community can be great if your marketing is “grass roots” based. Don’t go crazy – it will just result in more stress about learning something new: Learn about your options, join one at a time and monitor a bit before making it a marketing platform. In this way, if the interface or tone doesn’t seem right for you, you won’t gain followers you’ll abandon if you discontinue.

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Genealogy ideas – this issue marketing applies to genealogy as well.

Have a tip? e-mail us

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Computer aid!?! – see Design Inspiration this issue.

Publishing Discount Offer – Until December, 2015 Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

Limited Free Professional Work

With your paid order, receive up to 2 hours Gregath staff work ($50.00 value) that can be used for any service associated with your order: consultation, graphic design (cover, etc.), page typesetting, manuscript check, digitization, alternate edition design, website production, photo work (restoration, touch up, etc.), social media and other marketing, etc. This does not guarantee 100% full fulfillment of vision within this time frame: Any additional time billed at $25.00 per hour in 1/4 increments. This free offer does included removal of any proposed addition or change produced in this time period as specified. Feel free to contact us with any questions about this upgrade offer.

To take advantage of this offer, you must specifically request this offer with your order/payment mailing and send your paid order to arrive at the publisher before December 1, 2015.

September 2015 Ezine – Marketing Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

When publishing with us, send your publication announcement to us – we’ll add it to our Facebook timeline once (free) any time you specify from receipt of order/payment to up to 60 days after your books ship to you.

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Electronic Magazine – June 2014, V13#6: Genealogy Monday, Jun 2 2014 

Visit http://www.30thinfantry.org and click on roster for a great new resource. Not previously available, Frank W. towers and Jim West have compiled a comprehensive, all-inclusive World War II roster for the 40th Division. The combat records were destroyed in a 1973 fire. A living document, corrections or changes should be sent to Frank W. Towers. The above website contains lots of other great data.

Current Publishing Bonus Offer Thursday, May 22 2014 

Free drop-shipping service (order fulfillment/pick and pack/blast shipment) for all orders at time of publication

Through November 24, 2014 only:USPSPriorityBox

You pay only the actual cost for mailing USPS Priority – all handling and all mailing material (tape/label, etc.) at no charge. You provide the order information electronically (Word, Excel, in-text email, etc.), we’ll pack the individual orders into the appropriate packaging that cost the least Priority postage safely possible, then take them to the post office. Any books above this are then shipped to you (or a single address of your choice). Each order’s tracking will be emailed to you or the end customer at no additional charge and includes up to $50.00 insurance, per package.

Other shipping methods and services vary – may include additional mailing material charges.

To qualify for this special offer, you must do the following:

  • Specifically request this offer with your manuscript/deposit mailing.
  • Send your manuscript, mailing information, and deposit to arrive at the publisher by 11-24-2014.
  • Include the code “Blog listed special” in your letter of instruction.

December, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Marketing Tuesday, May 20 2014 

Typically virtual book tours run a certain number of consecutive days (no “dark” travel dates needed). While the virtual nature may tempt you to have more than one stop per day, it’s best to average just one a day to make sure you don’t divide your focus, and to keep each stop special and individual. Most virtual tours last from 5 to 10 days in length, and may cross a variety of online service types (chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards, elists, etc.).

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Newest Soft Cover Publishing Package Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 

Take our expanding family of publishing packages as a good starting point, or use them as is! The newest package available is our Soft Cover Mini-Mailer. It covers 8.5×11″ books and smaller of no more than 200 pages, digital manuscript preparation, soft cover graphic art design, publishing, 50 mailing boxes (or 100 priority mail boxes with $30.00 credit), promotional flyers and more. Visit the package page for more details.

October 26-27 Retreat Basic Schedule Filled Monday, Mar 11 2013 

Times are yet to be confirmed and there may still be surprises, but here are the 11 learning opportunities on tap for package attendees at this time:

  • Movie Night
    Comic look at the pros and cons of stereotypes in research

Hardbinding services increase Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 

General hardbinding service prices have increased, and we fear they will do so again fairly soon.

Good news is the oversized fee has been slashed from 60 cents per book to 25 cents.

Remember that information found on this site is not a binding quote, but actual quotes are good for 30 days after issue.

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