January 2015 Magazine – Genealogy Friday, Jan 9 2015 

Have you checked Google Books to see if there is any free material that can help with your research? Sure, they’d like to sell you a copy, but you might be surprised how much free text you might use is available.

January 2015 Magazine – Marketing Friday, Jan 9 2015 

Online, consider releasing some content related to your book. Table of Contents, Preface, and Contributors are all great ideas that can be shared, in their entirety, that may encourage sales. For genealogy, another idea is the entire index. Giving the index away is arguably a good strategy, and for those who feel this is to much, offer a surname only (no page citation, given names, or other data) – as this lets potential buyers get an idea of what is in your book.
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E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 4: Computer Monday, Apr 1 2013 

Here’s a place we recently discovered that may be helpful in tracking down books that carry ISBN:


August 2009, V8#8: Computers Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

With group (publishing), unless you can get together at “the drop of a hat”, your group may find itself in need of a way to share files over the internet. The easiest way to do that is pick a format you all use and send email attachments. However, many people prefer to add another layer of anti-virus protection to this. Rather than basically computer to computer (email), computer to third party area where it can be scanned before downloading into computer. Basic needs can be fulfilled by having an electronic group online, like through Yahoo or Google. However, if more space is needed, here are a few suggestions:

  • www.box.net – free or paid services

  • www.drop.io – this is great because you can set the files to expire when they are loaded. When they expire, they are deleted from the internet.

  • Microsoft SharePoint – Robust paid service

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June 2009, V8#6: Computer Friday, May 29 2009 

Can I do webpages easily myself?

Webpages can be done easily with Microsoft Word, but that’s only half the battle. For a basic billboard/order page, just use a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program you can download for free.  Build your page like any other document. When saving, choose “save as” a web page – usually named index (check your ISP for naming requirements). Next, FTP your MS Word built file to your online address (URL-Universal Resource Locator). For a nice author site, you’ll want your own domain i.e. yourname.com or yourbook.com, as well as an easy to navigate site that contains several informational pages.