April 2009, V8#4: Marketing Monday, Apr 6 2009 

Tear sheets are traditionally printed pages that were wasted in the set up of first rate book printing. Availability was generally limited to waste that was good enough to use in marketing. Tear sheets are actual book pages, and are a great way to allow book buyers to “get a taste” of your work. With digital printing, and the elimination of traditional “make ready” waste, digital tear sheets are generally purpose printed.

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February 2006, V5#2: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Recycled Paper: Paper that is half (50%) either pre-consumer or post-consumer waste.

Brittle paper (in rebinding): Paper that breaks when folded or crumpled. We don’t recommend regular rebinding this type of paper – we suggest visiting a conservator instead.

February 2004, V3#2: Production Monday, Jan 26 2009 

All production processes (of any type) have waste, one figure listed recently in a trade publication places destroyed pieces of projects at 5-10%, we generally are much lower.  This is why many publishers/printers employ the 10% rule (if you order 100, you may receive – and pay for – 110 or only 90).  When you order 200 from us, we actually produce more then what it would take to produce 200 books from the beginning to be sure of delivering  200.  If more than 200 are actually produced in the end, the author/customer has the option of purchasing them or the are destroyed at no additional cost to the author/customer.