Spring Tour Updates Friday, May 8 2009 

Prices have been set for our next tours:

Independence, MO: May 27-28, 2009, $135.00 based on double occupancy.

Topeka, KS: July 8-9, 2009, $145.00 based on double occupancy.

Space is limited, so reserve your trip today. Paid reservation deadline for both trips is May 15, 2009, or until space is filled.

March 2008, V7#3: Genealogy Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 

Stamping Your Books
By Cari Thomas

I found Gene Ewert’s suggestions about things to do when taking a
genealogy trip of great value, and several “rookie mistakes” he
mentioned were ones I’ve encountered through my years. Thanks Gene.

Gene suggested that the greatest rookie mistake was to not write
identification and contact information in your notebooks so that they
could be returned if lost. I would like to pass along an additional

I say “pass along” because this tip comes compliments of my late
mother-in-law, Mary Lib Tipton Thomas, who was a junior high school
librarian in Ohio for many years.

Mary Lib’s practice was not only to write identifying information on
the insides of the front and back covers as Gene Ewert suggested, but
to include it in the middle of the book as well. She always put the
school logo stamp on page fifty of each book in her library or in the
middle of the book if it had less than fifty pages.

A book would still be identifiable (and therefore returnable) because
of that interior stamp, even if it had lost its cover or end pages.
This tip is especially valuable for irreplaceable genealogical
notebooks and records.

To read Gene Ewert’s article, “What I Learned from my Genealogy Trip,”

Previously published in RootsWeb Review: 7 November 2007, Vol. 10, No. 45

September 2005, V4#9: Genealogy Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

Don’t forget as fuel prices rise and we turn to our computers more and more, to document.  Sometimes there is no substitute for a research trip.  Sometimes volunteers, such as the network at http://www.usgenweb.org can help.

June 2005, V4#6: Genealogy Monday, Jan 5 2009 

When preparing for a genealogy trip, always check to see what information is available online for the repository.  In some cases, the card catalog may be available.  In others, you may apply for a users card and, once it has arrived, even be able to schedule pulls so that your books will be waiting for you at the desk when you arrive at a given repository.

2009 Tour Slate Announced Monday, Jan 5 2009 

 2009 Gregath Trips have been set. Visit  for more information – http://www.gregathcompany.com/tours/index.html

April 2005, V4#4: Genealogy Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

Sometimes there is no substitute for the effort you could put in researching off the computer and outside of your home.  Sometimes this takes the form of traipsing to cemeteries and court houses.  Other times it means taking a trip (sometimes consisting of several days) to a targeted or major research repository. 

When a repository trip is called for, consider traveling with other researchers.  Most groups take travel time as “sounding board” time.  It’s also nice to know someone else already when you enter a repository – even if it everyone’s first trip.  General research trips are offered through lots of places, from a school, library, organization, researcher travel agent, to us: http://www.gregathcompany.com/tours!

When a cemetery/court house trip is needed, go ahead and ask for research travel companions (make an announcement at all your research related organizational meetings, poll you email address book, etc.), you never know who may want to go – for their own research, or just to “get away” for a bit.