April 2004, V3#4: Marketing Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

When figuring pricing, remember shipping material costs.  If you choose to send your books via USPS Priority mail, you can order your boxes and tape free of charge directly from the post office online at http://www.usps.com.  Find the shipping materials area and the boxes, tape you need, the “price” is $0.00.  There are stipulations you’ll need to adhere to that are listed on their site including you must use these items for priority class only.

March 2004, V3#3: Define Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Paste up (pre-press): A (usually physical) composite of more than one original item/artifact.  Our offices use a repositionable adhesive to place items onto an original in preparation for printing. Warning: Many print processes don’t reproduce well when “clear” cellophane (“scotch” tape) is used.

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