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It may seem like USPS is forever changing their rates. However, they are bound by US law not to increase more than consumer inflation (average across increases) without special permission. This means that rather than getting infrequent large prices increases, there seems to be annual moderate ones instead. Other carriers are not bound by this law. This makes choosing USPS a more stable long range sales cost/fee.

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ARC: abbreviation – Advanced Reading Copy

Archival (Quality): The use of this term varies from the logical definition of the individual words to a wide variety of standards – always have a company explain their definition.  See Also Archival webpage.  Below is a definition from “Preserving Family Keepsakes Do’s and Don’ts”, Ilene Chandler Miller, 1996:

“A term that suggests a material or item is permanent, durable and chemically stable and therefore safe for the preservation of our keepsakes.”

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