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May 2006, V5#5: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Fastback Binding: Soft type binding. Similar to perfect binding method – cover consists of separate front and back covers with a reinforced cloth spine.

Finish: Term that describes the surface characteristic of a particular paper.  i.e. antique, cockle, eggshell, embossed, English, felt, leatherette, linen, machine, pebble, vellum, wove, etc.

March 2006, V5#3: Production Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

There are those who like the ascetic look of a finished side stitch (tape and staple) book.  For those, we now also offer, upon request, the fastback cloth tape method to eliminate the acidity/rust factor of the wire stitch through the years.

February 2006, V5#2: Production Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Among the various types of soft bindings, material placed in a three ring binder is considered softbound. Some might consider it hard binding however, due to it’s low durability, it is generally considered soft binding.

January 2005, V4#1: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Binding: A new standard soft binding possibility, especially with small quantities is the Fastback cloth tape method which is a bridge between tape and staple and perfect binding:  The block of the book is glued like it would be for a perfect binding with front and back covers attached.  Then to cover the glued edges and for further reinforcement a strip of cloth binding tape is used for the spine. 

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January 2005, V4#1: Design Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Fastback suggestions: With the fastback method, a spine imprint may be added, but not very economical on small publishings.  It may also be possible to use a wider variety of specialty covers economically.  With the fastback method there are a limited number of fabric colors available for the spine – one can design their cover to either contrast or match the spine.

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March 2003, V2#3: Define Friday, Jan 9 2009 

Coil Bound: Soft type binding. Like comb binding method except a coil or spiral secures the book instead of a comb.

February 2003, V2#2: Define Friday, Jan 9 2009 

Comb Bound: Soft type binding. Your pages and cover are punched and a plastic comb secures the book at the spine. This is a favored cover for cook books and the like because they lay virtually flat on their own.

January 2003, V2#1: Define Friday, Jan 9 2009 

Chicago Screw (brand name)/Post Bound: Soft type binding. Pages and cover stock are three hole punched and plastic or metal screws (posts)  are inserted to fasten the book.