In today’s world it is important to send out a polished appearance. This includes using handwriting only for specific impact. A PR mailer should have your return information printed on it, however a hand addressed piece can add to the personalized touch. We offer a variety of printed envelope options (standard minimum 500). Hesitant to buy 100s of custom imprinted envelopes for this project? Did you know USPS can send you envelopes in several styles with postage already on them in quantities as few as 50? Fairly plain ones cost 57 cents each – only 1 penny more than a blank post-paid envelope from USPS. Visit USPS  and mouse over “shop” (in the blue line) and click “Order Personalized Stamped Envelopes” (3rd choice). Don’t forget to sign in (or create your free account). Payment options even include PayPal! (instructions current as of 7-18-12)

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