Send pictures via email without attachments

Most folks learn early how to send photos by attachment with emails.  However, not everyone opens attachments due to virus concerns.  What to do?  Find out how to embed the photo in the email itself.  Please find general Outlook Express instructions below (NOTE: all choices listed below will not be available unless you are in an outgoing email box/window):

Double check to see your are in html email format by clicking the “Format” pull down menu – a dot should be by Rich Text (HTML) – if it is not, click it and the dot will move.  Next, place your cursor in the email where you want the photo to go, then click the “Insert” menu and choose picture – this will bring up a “Picture” window from which you will click the “Browse” button.  This brings up an “Open” window.  In this window, you will go through your files to find the one you want to use.  Once you have selected the file, click the “Open” button at the bottom of the window, then click the “OK” button.  This should place your photo where your cursor was.