July 15 Deadline for Retreat on the lake 2009 Monday, Jun 29 2009 

Lake Shore DawnRetreat on the lake 2009 registration deadline is fast approaching. If you have put off reserving your space until the last minute, now is the time. July 15, 2009 is when we will decide if the retreat is viable in the 2009 economy. Originally, this was the discount reservation date. However, if budgets can not be stretched to include discount registrations, we know most can not include the luxury of a full price retreat.

May 2009, V8#5: Production Wednesday, May 6 2009 

Online Copyright Registration

If you have you manuscript fully digitized, online registration is the suggested method. We can do it for you, or you can do it easily on your own. Some sort of high speed internet connection is suggested, for ease. You complete the form, pay, and submit your digital manuscript through the Library of Congress secure server. The registration fee is less than registering by mail, and you don’t have to surrender two published books for their shelves.

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Retreat on the Lake Update – Schedule and Registration Monday, Jan 5 2009 

 Retreat on the Lake 2009 has more topics and speakers set. Visit for more information – http://www.gregathcompany.com/workshop/2009. The first money saving deadline has passed. The full registration cost is now $180.00 (available only through July 15 before the cost rises further).