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QR (Quick Response) codes are Smartphone or tablet (with reader app) readable and may be used to to enrich and/or ease customer/reader interaction and experience. Some QR functionality may be inaccessible if not on an active internet connection. This type of code was envisioned as “open source”, so there are wide varieties of free and nearly free services available online:   Start your search with the term “QR code generator”. Many sites that contain generators provide further free information from usage ideas to history and examples.

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While text that is justified at both right and left margins has a tidier effect, text that is justified on the left with a ragged right is actually easier to read.  This is due to the fact that all spacing is uniform and no words are broken to wrap onto the next line.  Both of these devices, though allowing uniform right and left edges, slow the reader’s eye down as the brain processes these differences.

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A Little About Archival Quality

External Factors Beyond Production

If the books are shipped from the publisher to the author, the heat of summer or the cold of winter will subject the books to extremes in temperature. Humidity can become a factor, even before the books are sold, especially in the summer in the south.  Books stored where light from a window falls on them directly subjects them to harmful UV.  Highly urban areas may have high air pollution that could affect the books. Skin itself (body oil, sweat, finger food grease, etc.), from the reader, can adversely affect the book, as well.  The list can go on and on…

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The world is embracing the standard of PDF format for e-books. The costs for reproduction would be disk manuscript preparation (converting your hardcopy or disk files to PDF) plus disk reproduction. In many cases the disk manuscript preparation for a book sent to us on disk can be waived – email us for details. The PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat) is free to anyone and comes in many new computers standard. This allows anyone with a computer a chance to read your book on disk (after purchasing it from you!). The PDF format also allows you more control of the E-book that is purchased – you can make the book read only (the customer can not make changes) as well as restricting printing.

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E-book: Any book or manuscript that is reproduced for distribution electronically on the Internet or movable storage (i.e. 3½” floppy or CD, etc.).