2016 First Quarter Publishing Special Offer Sunday, Jan 17 2016 

Free Stationary or Promotional Materials
The more books published, the more free to you!
25, 8.x11″, black and white, printed one side sheets for every 25 books you order.


Perfect for stationary, or sell sheets, this offer can be combined with color, extra printing, folding, etc. upgrades to fulfill your needs. This offer includes free g


raphic production of basic letterhead or we can produce whatever you send in a PDF file. Ordering 500 books, then expect 500 free sheets. Additional requested, FREE upgrade  – ask for better paper and allow us to select something from our in-house stock for you: anything from 60-80 white to linen or specialty color paper. Not available in quantities different than 25 increments, advance shipping may be paid by customer if desired.


To qualify for your choice of special offer, you must do the following:

  • Send your manuscript, mailing information, and deposit to arrive at the publisher postmarked no later than 4-16-16 with code.
  • Use this Discount Code ONLY: “FreMAT”.

November 2003, V2#11: Production Saturday, Jan 17 2009 


Once the digital manuscript has cleared pre-press it is ready for production.  The file or files are sent to the digital machine directly from the front office computers.  The book block is printed out already collated.  Depending on the size of the book and publication quantity, the digital files may be printed out in smaller page sequences and hand collated in preparation for binding.  Additionally, special items such as 4-color, slick inserts and card dividers are added by hand as well – as required.