March 2005, V4#3: Marketing Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Marketing is promotion!  To promote a book, good things about the book contents, yourself, your family (if genealogy) or area (if research tool), and history, as well at the physical form the book takes will be pointed out. These are all selling points.  Don’t overlook something that is positive because it wasn’t the main publishing focus.  For instance, archival quality is becoming a much talked about and sought after element in reference book publishing.  Whether this was of high priority for the author personally, it may contribute to sales if it is publicized.

January 2009, V8#1: Marketing Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

Free or nearly so:

Sometimes exhibiting (or vending) is free or just a few dollars for table space. You might get several friends together and share the space and expense. In addition free PR material, you may have something that you can sell to further offset the up front costs – bookmarks, stationary, crafts, etc. National events and trade shows be several hundred dollars of expense.

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