March 2009, V8#3: Genealogy Monday, Mar 2 2009 

Vancouver Public Library has produced a new resource of special interest to
genealogists with Chinese-Canadian roots.  The project also demonstrates
the use of wiki technology for genealogy-related purposes.

Chinese-Canadians: Profiles from a Community is a wiki-based project
developed in partnership with Library and Archives Canada.  The project
reflects the long history of the Chinese community in Canada.  The goal is
to create a portrait of the early Chinese-Canadian community by collecting
and sharing the stories of individuals of Chinese origin who were born in
Canada in the 19th century.

The core of the wiki is the transcription of a portion of a document
produced by the federal government in 1923, recording all individuals born
in Canada to parents of Chinese origin.   The transcribed portion
corresponds to 461 individuals born prior to 1901 and is linked to separate
profiles for each person.  Anyone can register for free and contribute to
the profiles, adding biographical details, photographs, document images and
other information.  Research tools are provided for those who would like to
help search for the stories of these early Chinese-Canadians in both online
and offline sources.

To view and participate in the wiki, go to

From the Librarians Serving Genealogists E-List

February 2008, V7#2: Computer Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

Not sure about Microsoft Windows Vista? Still? Look into your local technical school, public school computer club, public library, etc. If no one offers a basic or how to course, suggest any service provider do so. There is always a learning curve, but generally, there are valuable improvements in new roll outs.