September 2002, V1#1: Book Production Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

While the world in general accepts that there are several main ways to reproduce books (i.e. print or copy), very few methods to produce printed books are alike.  Each print shop can employ not only a variety of presses and methods, but there are so many steps that are possible that the term “printed” doesn’t really describe much once you start thinking about it. Due to the fact that a copied book production is so automated, once you determine the type of copier and quality of binding, you have a much better idea of what your book will look like.  In future issues, we will discuss our production methods.  We hope by doing this, you may have some idea of what actually goes into the production of a book.  Once you have grasped some of what is involved, you can go to any printer/publisher that wants to work with clients on a personal basis and ask for a tour or explanation of their processes in reference to your book project.


September 2002: V1#1: Book Design Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

One of the best things to do when choosing an overall design for any product, look around to see what elements you see in other products of your nature to see what you like or dislike.  Remember this is your book, so what you want can’t be wrong.  Make a list of what you like and want, then unless you are wealthy, mark the really important elements that you’d be willing to pay extra for.  Take your list in hand to your publisher and work with them to decide what things you want that will fit into your budget.  This is all ideally done before you begin producing finished manuscript pages, but can be done at any point as you prepare your manuscript.

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