September 2015 Ezine – Marketing Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

When publishing with us, send your publication announcement to us – we’ll add it to our Facebook timeline once (free) any time you specify from receipt of order/payment to up to 60 days after your books ship to you.

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E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 4: Marketing Monday, Apr 1 2013 

Not all free PR is good: What to do about a review that doesn’t truthfully represent the published content? Look long and hard at the item and seek others input – is there even a grain of truth to it? Address any facts before moving onto untruths. Online there may be no definitive action, however here are some strategies: If the review is user added, reply/comment, or post; if it is a reputable website, contact the website (though many reviews are considered opinion and will not be removed); strive for multiple factual reviews – across social media, blog, email, service and website platforms.

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June 2005, V4#6: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

To test the grain of paper use one of the following:

  1. Moisten two right-angle edges of a sheet, and press between fingers.  As the sheet dries, the edge across the grain will be wavy, the edge with the grain will be straight.

  2. Tear the sheet in two directions.  It tears straighter and cleaner with the grain.

  3. Fold the sheet in two directions.  It folds easier and smoother with the grain.

End-use need, design considerations, print quality and budgetary needs should go into deciding what paper to use.

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