March, 2015 Magazine – Production Wednesday, Mar 4 2015 

Even if not “going online” the information found on the noted page should be produced – as it will be invaluable to book promotion. Once produced, it can also be used (or re-used) as a press kit basis.

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New catalog section – stationary Thursday, Jan 31 2013 

As we continue to update our website, we have moved the genealogical stationary (from stock note pads to custom forms and letters) into it’s own area and added quick buy PayPal shopping buttons:

April 2004, V3#4: Computer Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

Email is such a “quick and easy” way to communicate – no stamps or LD fees.  Because of this, many a time-squeezed researcher has dashed off an email note without much thought to the “old standards” such as punctuation, spelling, etc.  When one of these emails is received by a researcher that is just as time squeezed, they are likely to put the poorly written missives toward the bottom of their “reply to” list.  Be truthful now – when you are organizing your reply list, do you normally put folks who can’t be bothered to write clearly at the top of your list?