2016 Retreat Save the Date Friday, Dec 25 2015 

Retreat 2016 Save The Date!
Monday and Tuesday, October 3-4, 2016, in Northeast Oklahoma. More details to follow.

October, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Computer Aid Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 

Consider getting more social networking for the same effort: Did you know some online services interconnect? For instance, you can set a Twitter account to automatically post on your Facebook wall. Many blogs will also post to Facebook or Twitter.

December 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Marketing Wednesday, Dec 19 2012 

If you didn’t use your Christmas communications this year to spread the word about your publication, begin now to think of how to incorporate it into next year’s greetings:

  • Add information to stationary
  • Include a book focused insert – perhaps free post cards, a book mark, coupon, etc.
  • Mention a new book development in annual letter
  • For genealogy – request a small bit of specific information (don’t forget the SASE is by USPS)

Visit http://www.gregathcompany.com/marketing for more

July 2012 E-Zine (V11#7): Genealogy Thursday, Jul 19 2012 

Using social networking can be tricky to further your research. However, with a careful eye to privacy and the possibility of ID theft, it can be achieved. When providing information online. Never forget these two issues.

March 2009, V8#3: Computer Monday, Mar 2 2009 

Have you tried social networking yet? Sites like Facebook can keep family members connected – without the postage or LD fees.

November 2005, V4#11: Marketing Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Using your contact information, follow up your initial press release with subsequent releases such as a report on sales, family gatherings, signing party, new projects, special offers/sales (holiday free shipping, contributor/family discount), etc.

January 2009, V8#1: Marketing Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

Free or nearly so:

Sometimes exhibiting (or vending) is free or just a few dollars for table space. You might get several friends together and share the space and expense. In addition free PR material, you may have something that you can sell to further offset the up front costs – bookmarks, stationary, crafts, etc. National events and trade shows be several hundred dollars of expense.

This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/marketingfreeadvertising.html

October 2002, V1#2: Marketing Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

One of the easiest ways to spread the word if you email folks is to add a signature (or a line to your signature) to your email that says you are the author of your book.  See our Computer aid section this issue for more help doing this.