January 2005, V4#1: Marketing Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Make your postage count!  If you have a reason to send anyone correspondence, include information about your publication in some format as well.

This section is drawn from information online at http://www.gregathcompany.com/marketing.html

December 2004: V3#12: Marketing Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

As the holiday season progresses, we’d like to take the time to remind everyone that a report on the book project in all of your holiday correspondence can increase interest and donated materials.

October 2003, V2#10: Market Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

As with email lists, check online for bulletin boards or discussion groups having to do with your subject matter.  After getting an idea of how information flows, post information about your book.

August 2003, V2#8: Marketing Sunday, Jan 11 2009 

Join email lists that have the same subject matter as your book.  After getting an idea of the type of information that is posted and the rules, send an email to the list(s) about your new publication.  You might start at http://groups.yahoo.com or http://www.egroups.com

June 2007, V6#6: Genealogy Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 

No one is an island – get involved. One of the easiest ways to grow and learn as a researcher is to get out there and interact with other researchers. Book learning not your thing? The more friends you have, the more information they can give you in an informal setting. Try genealogy, history, lineal, and other service organizations!

November 2005, V4#11: Genealogy Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

As we look toward the holidays, many genealogists put their genealogical “hobby” on the back burner as they prepare to gather with family and celebrate.  This is exactly the time you should keep genealogy in the forefront!  Don’t be a pest by asking the same questions every time you see someone.  However, it is a great time to re-establish old connections with holiday cards, calls and notes.  Keep your oral history files in mind as everyone sits around and “visits”.

September 2005, V4#9: Genealogy Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

Don’t forget as fuel prices rise and we turn to our computers more and more, to document.  Sometimes there is no substitute for a research trip.  Sometimes volunteers, such as the network at http://www.usgenweb.org can help.

Retreat on the Lake Update – Schedule and Registration Monday, Jan 5 2009 

 Retreat on the Lake 2009 has more topics and speakers set. Visit for more information – http://www.gregathcompany.com/workshop/2009. The first money saving deadline has passed. The full registration cost is now $180.00 (available only through July 15 before the cost rises further).

August 2007, V6#8: Computer Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

Always having trouble with your computer? Have you checked to see if there is a computer support group you can join locally? Our society has lots of different groups for lots of different interests and to solve problems. If there is not one in your area, look at banding together friends and family who have difficulties and successes. Not everyone will have the same problems, or the same successes. While you may always be asking your group questions, you might find yourself the “go to” person for general problems in a program you always work in.

“It takes a village…”

June 2007, V6#6: Computer Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

Don’t be bullied into Windows Vista. Every new version of a program (or operating system) means change. Unfortunately, you will have to make a plan to eventually use the new system, but it doesn’t have to be today. On your “to do” list, research Vista online, check out a library book, schedule a “study date” with a friend who already has it (offer to bring the snacks), attend lectures or even an evening Vo-Tech class on the subject. Even if you need a new computer, you may be able to put it off until you’ve had a chance to make friends with the new Windows.

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