May 2005, V4#5: Genealogy Monday, Jan 5 2009 

Still looking for that lost ancestor?  When you run across the right surname in a general area at the correct time, never discard this information.  This data may be the same family (yea!) or different (boo!), but one can rarely tell when finding the data originally.  Likewise, a group that appears not to be related when the information is found, may be related and you uncover the link ten years later.  Don’t rely on research data sheets to go back and find information you uncovered 20 years ago: records get misplaced, misfiled, moved, go through natural deterioration, in some cases are discarded or destroyed, not to mention acts of God or vandalism.

October 2002, V1#2: Genealogy Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

Revisiting the ancestor that has disappeared.  If the migration routes didn’t help, become a student of history.  In addition to general migration, different “happenings in history” may have some bearing on where families moved – both from and to.  Leads can be something as small as a house (prairie, etc.) fire recorded in a regional publication.  Sometimes whole congregations moved, or even a particular family member was wanted by the law.