We are happy to announce that we can take orders for the second great research and history resource by Sharolyn and Patrick McCoy:

MountainMcCoyFtCVRBig Mountain to Washburn Prairie, 1860 – The Sugar Creek Hills of Southwest Missouri, by Sharolyn S. and Patrick L. McCoy, 2013. 258 pages, 6×9″, hardboound book, ISBN 978-0-9762329-1-9. This book is written in the same format and tenor as the authors previous work, Elkhorn Tavern”. Carefully transcribed for the reader, it is fully indexed and source cited for accuracy and clarity. Working from copies of the 8th Federal Census of 1860 are the families who made their home in this area of southwest Missouri in the census year. Included are the communities of Mountain Township, Shells Mills and Looniesville, Post Office, located in the southeastern corner of McDonald County, Missouri, and to its east Sugar Creek Township, Washburn Prairie & Keetsville Post Office, Barry County, Missouri. Located along the Arkansas border, these townships contained at census time a total enumeration of 337 households comprised of some +/- 2,081 souls. Included in the Appendix is a complete name transcription of the 1865 Benton County, Arkansas Tax List. At war’s end, the Court Clerks Office in Benton County, Arkansas assessed a tax list, as had been done in the years prior to the Civil War. Coroner and Collector Alfred Dean certified the tax list indicating “deceased” of those known to have passed away. In the absence of an off-year census, it is a known period record of the residents subject to taxation, many of whom had or subsequently would live in either Barry or McDonald Counties (Missouri) or had direct or allied family lines across the border. AD2387-$84.95