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February, 2015 Magazine – Computers Monday, Feb 2 2015 

Rare is the photograph you’ll only use once in your manuscript. Often times, it may also be used online, through social networking, sharing with family, and promotional materials of many types. If you’ve not digitized a photo yet, we suggest a couple of options:
Keep masters of the highest resolution you have captured or can make – until replacing with updates or improvements. Reduce quality and size for each use from master.
Evaluate all uses you feel you will need and capture or produce graphics of a size that will satisfy them all.
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March, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Glossary A to Z Tuesday, May 20 2014 

Camera Ready (see below): Material prepared for “shooting”: Many printing is done utilizing photography or scanning in the early stages of the process.

Camera-Ready Digital File (Manuscript): A digital file or files, stored on the internet or removable media, that contains Camera Ready Manuscript to be printed.

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