Leap Year 2012 Publishing Special Offers Monday, Jan 23 2012 

Occasionally, Gregath extends special publishing package offers. As leap year doesn’t happen every year, these special – limited time – offers triple the savings potential. Publishing orders received by February 29, 2012 may qualify for free ISBN, free Library of Congress Number and up to $10.00 per book savings on color hard bindings. Check out the full details and get your mailing ready!

April 2009, V8#4: Production Monday, Apr 6 2009 

If a formal copyright is desired, visit the Library of Congress Copyright Office website, or write to the Register of Copyright, Library of Congress, 101 Independence AVE SE, Washington, D. C. 20599-6000, requesting a free copy of General Information of Copyright and the necessary application form, with instructions for completion.  They will send you up-to-date copyright information.  If the author doesn’t wish to do their own registration, Gregath would be happy to help. For a traditional mailed application, the full service charge is $60.00: includes filling out the form (mailed to you to sign), the actual registration fee, and USPS Priority mailing of the 2 required books to the Library of Congress (production of books not included in this service charge).

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December 2004: V3#12: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

One can never learn too much about Copyright if they are an author: http://www.loc.gov/copyright

February 2005, V4#2: Genealogy Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

If you or your family have been collecting documentation for quite sometime, you should consider replacing your copies that are over 20 years old.  As each copy loses clarity, it is suggested preservation photocopying should be considered to reduce the times the copy will need re-copied.  For more information visit the Library of Congress online.

May 2005, V4#5: Computer Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

The Library of Congress Copyright office can now be found at http://www.copyright.gov with the older address of http://www.loc.gov/copyright listed in an earlier edition.