Often overlooked space saving technique: Many times, an author wants to put a lot of information in a book, while publishing in the fewest pages possible (basic economics).  While an author may easily be able to fill 400 pages, they may be able to present the same information in an easy to read format of 350 or less – thus spending less per book to produce in hard or softbound format.  If the author has chosen to use photographs, one of the most overlooked ways of “saving space” is to have both the photographs one is interested in using on a page and to “fill up” the white space around the photos and captions with other text.  With our fees for photos, many people group their photos onto pages, but rarely do they think to also add text to these pages.  A page with two 2×4″ photos can accommodate quite a bit of text besides the captions.  Before laying these pages out, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your printer.