September 2006, V5 #9: Define Friday, Mar 20 2009 

Shoulder (joint, ridge, flange): Formed when a text block is backed. During this process the outermost leaves on both sides are bent out at 45 degrees along the binding edge. The ridge that is formed by this process, on either side of the spine, is the shoulder.

July 2006, V5#7: Definition Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

 *Leaf Attachment: How the pages of a text block are “bunched” together such as sewn by thread, adhesive, or non-ANSI/NISO/LBI Standard: staples.

Joint:  The grooves that run top to bottom (head to tail) on the outside of the cover itself, front and back, along which the boards hinge when they open.

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) are not generally used in our office.