March, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Marketing Tuesday, May 20 2014 

To look over an 8 week case study an no-nonsense check list of how to assist any event host in boosting marketing, foot traffic, and interest, read the article, How to Fill a Room by Ellen Cassedy (reprinted with permission). This is a great blueprint for every stop on a marketing tour or junket. However, for multiple local events, it would have to be adjusted, so as not to make friends and local contacts begin to tune you out.

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November, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Genealogy Friday, Nov 1 2013 

Follow this link to a great article: It reminds that, though genealogy is a major hobby, there are both good and bad ways to get others involved in your interests.

December 2004: V3#12: Marketing Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

As the holiday season progresses, we’d like to take the time to remind everyone that a report on the book project in all of your holiday correspondence can increase interest and donated materials.

May 2004, V3#5: Computer Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

What is an email list?  It is a list of folks who share at least one common interest/theme.  They subscribe to the list.  Anyone on the list can ask or answer questions.  Though sharing many things with a bulletin board format, this is ran through your email.  When anyone sends email to the list, everyone gets a copy in their inbox.  Two places to start your email list search is on US Gen Web and