April, 2015 Magazine – Production Tuesday, Mar 31 2015 

Collages may cover entire families, or specific time period or geographical area. Be careful your scale doesn’t overwhelm the reader or lose the detail (due to size) that was wanted.

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December 2012 E-Zine (V11#12): Marketing Wednesday, Dec 19 2012 

If you didn’t use your Christmas communications this year to spread the word about your publication, begin now to think of how to incorporate it into next year’s greetings:

  • Add information to stationary
  • Include a book focused insert – perhaps free post cards, a book mark, coupon, etc.
  • Mention a new book development in annual letter
  • For genealogy – request a small bit of specific information (don’t forget the SASE is by USPS)

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November 2003, V2#11: Market Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

Press release tip – With so much information that can be included, adhere to the “mini-skirt rule” – keep it short (as possible) while not sacrificing content.

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