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Collages may cover entire families, or specific time period or geographical area. Be careful your scale doesn’t overwhelm the reader or lose the detail (due to size) that was wanted.

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E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 6: What does it mean? A-Z Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

Art(work): Non-text material (in our shop, this excludes photographs) – may include such things as decorative lettering (not font related), drawings, ornamentation, tables, charts, sketches, maps, reproductions of documents, decorative borders, etc.

Basic Size: Standard sheet size per type of paper that determines the weight.

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E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 4: Production Monday, Apr 1 2013 

Color hard cover files should be submitted as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black) rather than RGB (Red, Green, Blue) for best results.

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